Deprecated feature removal schedule


NFS for Git repository storage deprecated

With the general availability of Gitaly Cluster (introduced in GitLab 13.0), we have deprecated development (bugfixes, performance improvements, etc) for NFS for Git repository storage in GitLab 14.0. We will continue to provide technical support for NFS for Git repositories throughout 14.x, but we will remove all support for NFS in GitLab 15.0. Please see our official Statement of Support for further information.

Gitaly Cluster offers tremendous benefits for our customers such as:

We encourage customers currently using NFS for Git repositories to plan their migration by reviewing our documentation on migrating to Gitaly Cluster.

Announced: 2021-06-22


Legacy database configuration

The syntax of GitLabs database configuration located in database.yml is changing and the legacy format is deprecated. The legacy format supported using a single PostgreSQL adapter, whereas the new format is changing to support multiple databases. The main: database needs to be defined as a first configuration item.

This deprecation mainly impacts users compiling GitLab from source because Omnibus will handle this configuration automatically.

Announced: 2021-09-22

Audit events for repository push events

Audit events for repository events are now deprecated and will be removed in GitLab 15.0.

These events have always been disabled by default and had to be manually enabled with a feature flag. Enabling them can cause too many events to be generated which can dramatically slow down GitLab instances. For this reason, they are being removed.

Announced: 2021-09-02

OmniAuth Kerberos gem

The omniauth-kerberos gem will be removed in our next major release, GitLab 15.0.

This gem has not been maintained and has very little usage. We therefore plan to remove support for this authentication method and recommend using the Kerberos SPNEGO integration instead. You can follow the upgrade instructions to upgrade from the omniauth-kerberos integration to the supported one.

Note that we are not deprecating the Kerberos SPNEGO integration, only the old password-based Kerberos integration.

Announced: 2021-09-22

GitLab Serverless

GitLab Serverless is a feature set to support Knative-based serverless development with automatic deployments and monitoring.

We decided to remove the GitLab Serverless features as they never really resonated with our users. Besides, given the continuous development of Kubernetes and Knative, our current implementations do not even work with recent versions.

Announced: 2021-09-22


Release CLI be distributed as a generic package

The release-cli will be released as a generic package starting in GitLab 14.2. We will continue to deploy it as a binary to S3 until GitLab 14.5 and stop distributing it in S3 in GitLab 14.6.

Announced: 2021-08-22


Rename Task Runner pod to Toolbox

The Task Runner pod is used to execute periodic housekeeping tasks within the GitLab application and is often confused with the GitLab Runner. Thus, Task Runner will be renamed to Toolbox.

This will result in the rename of the sub-chart: gitlab/task-runner to gitlab/toolbox. Resulting pods will be named along the lines of {{ .Release.Name }}-toolbox, which will often be gitlab-toolbox. They will be locatable with the label app=toolbox.

Announced: 2021-08-22