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Agile with GitLab

Manage your work with built-in agile features.


Build, test, and deploy applications.


Configure and develop your software applications.


Scan your CI pipeline and streamline vulnerability management.


View reports and analysis of your team's work.


Customize and configure your self-managed installation.

Install self-managed GitLab

You’ve got options. See them all

Install on Linux

The Omnibus package includes services and tools to install GitLab without laborious configuration.

Use the Omnibus package
Install on Kubernetes

If you're using cluster management, we recommend the Helm chart or the Operator for installing cloud-native GitLab.

Use the Helm chart Use the Operator
Install with Docker

GitLab maintains a set of official Docker images based on the Omnibus GitLab package.

Compile from source

If the Omnibus GitLab package isn't available for your distribution, you can install GitLab from source.

Install from cloud provider

Install directly from platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, and DigitalOcean.

Reference architectures

Scale your GitLab installation by using the recommended configurations.

Get support

If you need additional help and you're on a paid tier, you can request support.

Request support