RedHat-certified images

The following table lists the images that the GitLab Operator deploys. The table includes links to the RedHat Technology Portal project listings where these images can be managed by GitLab team members.

The GitLab Operator image tags align with the GitLab Operator release versions.

The NGINX Ingress Controller image tags align with the contents of the TAG file in the project fork managed by GitLab.

The rest of the image tags follow v<GitLab version>-ubi8 format, for example v15.4.0-ubi8. The tag suffix denotes the images that have been built on top of the RedHat Universal Base Image (UBI), a requirement for certification by RedHat. The GitLab Operator image itself only has one variant, which is already built on top of UBI.

See the Charts documentation on UBI images for more information, including example Helm values to use these images.

Component Registry path RedHat Technology Portal
gitlab-operator$OPERATOR_VERSION Link
gitlab-operator-bundle Link
alpine-certificates$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
cfssl-self-sign$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
kubectl$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitaly$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-container-registry$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-exporter$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-geo-logcursor$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-kas$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-mailroom$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-pages$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-shell$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-sidekiq-ee$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-toolbox-ee$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-webservice-ee$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-workhorse-ee$GITLAB_VERSION-ubi8 Link
gitlab-ingress-nginx$NGINX_VERSION-ubi8 Link