Configure the GitLab chart with UBI-based images

GitLab offers Red Hat UBI versions of its images, allowing you to replace standard images with UBI-based images. These images use the same tag as standard images with -ubi8 extension.

The GitLab chart uses third-party images that are not based on UBI. These images are mostly offer external services to GitLab, such as Redis, PostgreSQL, and so on. If you wish to deploy a GitLab instance that purely based on UBI you must disable the internal services, and use external deployments or services.

The services that must be disabled and provided externally are:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MinIO (Object Store)
  • Redis

The services must be disabled are:

  • CertManager (Let’s Encrypt integration)
  • Prometheus
  • GitLab Runner

Sample values

We provide an example for GitLab chart values in examples/ubi/values.yaml which can help you to build a pure UBI GitLab deployment.