GitLab Operator

The GitLab Operator is an installation and management method that follows the Kubernetes Operator pattern.

Use the GitLab Operator to run GitLab in OpenShift or on another Kubernetes-compatible platform.


Instructions on how to install the GitLab Operator can be found our installation document.

We list known limitations, and details of how we use Security Context Constraints in their respective documents.

You should also be aware of the considerations for SSH access to Git, especially when using OpenShift.


Operator upgrades documentation demonstrates how to upgrade the GitLab Operator.

GitLab upgrades documentation demonstrates how to upgrade a GitLab instance, managed by the GitLab Operator.

Backup and restore

Backup and restore documentation demonstrates how to back up and restore a GitLab instance that is managed by the Operator.

Developer Tooling

  • Developer guide: Outlines the project structure and how to contribute.
  • Versioning and Release Info: Records notes concerning versioning and releasing the operator.
  • Design decisions: This projects makes use of Architecture Descision Records, detailing the structure, functionality, and feature implementation of this Operator.
  • OpenShift Cluster Setup: Instructions for creating/configuring OpenShift clusters for Development purposes.

Known limitations

Below are known limitations of the GitLab Operator.

Components not supported

Below is a list of unsupported components:

Below is a list of components that are not yet recommended for production when deployed by the GitLab Operator: