Application settings API

These API calls allow you to read and modify GitLab instance application settings as appear in /admin/application_settings/general. You have to be an administrator in order to perform this action.

Get current application settings

List the current application settings of the GitLab instance.

GET /application/settings
curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>"

Example response:

   "default_projects_limit" : 100000,
   "signup_enabled" : true,
   "id" : 1,
   "default_branch_protection" : 2,
   "restricted_visibility_levels" : [],
   "password_authentication_enabled_for_web" : true,
   "after_sign_out_path" : null,
   "max_attachment_size" : 10,
   "user_oauth_applications" : true,
   "updated_at" : "2016-01-04T15:44:55.176Z",
   "session_expire_delay" : 10080,
   "home_page_url" : null,
   "default_snippet_visibility" : "private",
   "outbound_local_requests_whitelist": [],
   "domain_whitelist" : [],
   "domain_blacklist_enabled" : false,
   "domain_blacklist" : [],
   "created_at" : "2016-01-04T15:44:55.176Z",
   "default_ci_config_path" : null,
   "default_project_visibility" : "private",
   "default_group_visibility" : "private",
   "gravatar_enabled" : true,
   "sign_in_text" : null,
   "container_expiration_policies_enable_historic_entries": true,
   "container_registry_token_expire_delay": 5,
   "repository_storages": ["default"],
   "plantuml_enabled": false,
   "plantuml_url": null,
   "terminal_max_session_time": 0,
   "polling_interval_multiplier": 1.0,
   "rsa_key_restriction": 0,
   "dsa_key_restriction": 0,
   "ecdsa_key_restriction": 0,
   "ed25519_key_restriction": 0,
   "first_day_of_week": 0,
   "enforce_terms": true,
   "terms": "Hello world!",
   "performance_bar_allowed_group_id": 42,
   "instance_statistics_visibility_private": false,
   "user_show_add_ssh_key_message": true,
   "local_markdown_version": 0,
   "allow_local_requests_from_hooks_and_services": true,
   "allow_local_requests_from_web_hooks_and_services": true,
   "allow_local_requests_from_system_hooks": false,
   "asset_proxy_enabled": true,
   "asset_proxy_url": "",
   "asset_proxy_whitelist": ["", "*", ""]

Users on GitLab Premium or Ultimate may also see the file_template_project_id, deletion_adjourned_period, or the geo_node_allowed_ips parameters:

   "id" : 1,
   "signup_enabled" : true,
   "file_template_project_id": 1,
   "geo_node_allowed_ips": ", ::/0",
   "deletion_adjourned_period": 7,

Change application settings

Use an API call to modify GitLab instance application settings.

PUT /application/settings
curl --request PUT --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>"

Example response:

  "id": 1,
  "default_projects_limit": 100000,
  "signup_enabled": false,
  "password_authentication_enabled_for_web": true,
  "gravatar_enabled": true,
  "sign_in_text": "",
  "created_at": "2015-06-12T15:51:55.432Z",
  "updated_at": "2015-06-30T13:22:42.210Z",
  "home_page_url": "",
  "default_branch_protection": 2,
  "restricted_visibility_levels": [],
  "max_attachment_size": 10,
  "session_expire_delay": 10080,
  "default_ci_config_path" : null,
  "default_project_visibility": "internal",
  "default_snippet_visibility": "private",
  "default_group_visibility": "private",
  "outbound_local_requests_whitelist": [],
  "domain_whitelist": [],
  "domain_blacklist_enabled" : false,
  "domain_blacklist" : [],
  "external_authorization_service_enabled": true,
  "external_authorization_service_url": "",
  "external_authorization_service_default_label": "default",
  "external_authorization_service_timeout": 0.5,
  "user_oauth_applications": true,
  "after_sign_out_path": "",
  "container_registry_token_expire_delay": 5,
  "repository_storages": ["default"],
  "plantuml_enabled": false,
  "plantuml_url": null,
  "terminal_max_session_time": 0,
  "polling_interval_multiplier": 1.0,
  "rsa_key_restriction": 0,
  "dsa_key_restriction": 0,
  "ecdsa_key_restriction": 0,
  "ed25519_key_restriction": 0,
  "first_day_of_week": 0,
  "enforce_terms": true,
  "terms": "Hello world!",
  "performance_bar_allowed_group_id": 42,
  "instance_statistics_visibility_private": false,
  "user_show_add_ssh_key_message": true,
  "file_template_project_id": 1,
  "local_markdown_version": 0,
  "asset_proxy_enabled": true,
  "asset_proxy_url": "",
  "asset_proxy_whitelist": ["", "*", ""],
  "geo_node_allowed_ips": ", ::/0",
  "allow_local_requests_from_hooks_and_services": true,
  "allow_local_requests_from_web_hooks_and_services": true,
  "allow_local_requests_from_system_hooks": false

Users on GitLab Premium or Ultimate may also see these parameters:

  • file_template_project_id
  • geo_node_allowed_ips
  • geo_status_timeout
  • deletion_adjourned_period

Example responses:

  "file_template_project_id": 1,
  "geo_node_allowed_ips": ", ::/0"

List of settings that can be accessed via API calls

In general, all settings are optional. Certain settings though, if enabled, will require other settings to be set in order to function properly. These requirements are listed in the descriptions of the relevant settings.

admin_notification_emailstringnoAbuse reports will be sent to this address if it is set. Abuse reports are always available in the Admin Area.
after_sign_out_pathstringnoWhere to redirect users after logout.
after_sign_up_textstringnoText shown to the user after signing up
akismet_api_keystringrequired by: akismet_enabledAPI key for Akismet spam protection.
akismet_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: akismet_api_key) Enable or disable Akismet spam protection.
allow_group_owners_to_manage_ldapbooleannoSet to true to allow group owners to manage LDAP
allow_local_requests_from_hooks_and_servicesbooleanno(Deprecated: Use allow_local_requests_from_web_hooks_and_services instead) Allow requests to the local network from hooks and services.
allow_local_requests_from_system_hooksbooleannoAllow requests to the local network from system hooks.
allow_local_requests_from_web_hooks_and_servicesbooleannoAllow requests to the local network from web hooks and services.
archive_builds_in_human_readablestringnoSet the duration for which the jobs will be considered as old and expired. Once that time passes, the jobs will be archived and no longer able to be retried. Make it empty to never expire jobs. It has to be no less than 1 day, for example: 15 days, 1 month, 2 years.
asset_proxy_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: asset_proxy_url) Enable proxying of assets. GitLab restart is required to apply changes.
asset_proxy_secret_keystringnoShared secret with the asset proxy server. GitLab restart is required to apply changes.
asset_proxy_urlstringnoURL of the asset proxy server. GitLab restart is required to apply changes.
asset_proxy_whiteliststring or array of stringsnoAssets that match these domain(s) will NOT be proxied. Wildcards allowed. Your GitLab installation URL is automatically whitelisted. GitLab restart is required to apply changes.
authorized_keys_enabledbooleannoBy default, we write to the authorized_keys file to support Git over SSH without additional configuration. GitLab can be optimized to authenticate SSH keys via the database file. Only disable this if you have configured your OpenSSH server to use the AuthorizedKeysCommand.
auto_devops_domainstringnoSpecify a domain to use by default for every project’s Auto Review Apps and Auto Deploy stages.
auto_devops_enabledbooleannoEnable Auto DevOps for projects by default. It will automatically build, test, and deploy applications based on a predefined CI/CD configuration.
check_namespace_planbooleannoEnabling this will make only licensed EE features available to projects if the project namespace’s plan includes the feature or if the project is public.
commit_email_hostnamestringnoCustom hostname (for private commit emails).
container_registry_token_expire_delayintegernoContainer Registry token duration in minutes.
default_artifacts_expire_instringnoSet the default expiration time for each job’s artifacts.
default_branch_protectionintegernoDetermine if developers can push to master. Can take: 0 (not protected, both developers and maintainers can push new commits, force push, or delete the branch), 1 (partially protected, developers and maintainers can push new commits, but cannot force push, or delete, the branch) or 2 (fully protected, developers cannot push new commits, but maintainers can; no-one can force push or delete the branch) as a parameter. Default is 2.
default_ci_config_pathstringnoDefault CI configuration path for new projects (.gitlab-ci.yml if not set).
default_group_visibilitystringnoWhat visibility level new groups receive. Can take private, internal and public as a parameter. Default is private.
default_project_creationintegernoDefault project creation protection. Can take: 0 (No one), 1 (Maintainers) or 2 (Developers + Maintainers)
default_projects_limitintegernoProject limit per user. Default is 100000.
default_project_visibilitystringnoWhat visibility level new projects receive. Can take private, internal and public as a parameter. Default is private.
default_snippet_visibilitystringnoWhat visibility level new snippets receive. Can take private, internal and public as a parameter. Default is private.
diff_max_patch_bytesintegernoMaximum diff patch size (Bytes).
disabled_oauth_sign_in_sourcesarray of stringsnoDisabled OAuth sign-in sources.
dns_rebinding_protection_enabledbooleannoEnforce DNS rebinding attack protection.
domain_blacklistarray of stringsnoUsers with e-mail addresses that match these domain(s) will NOT be able to sign-up. Wildcards allowed. Use separate lines for multiple entries. Ex:, *
domain_blacklist_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: domain_blacklist) Allows blocking sign-ups from emails from specific domains.
domain_whitelistarray of stringsnoForce people to use only corporate emails for sign-up. Default is null, meaning there is no restriction.
dsa_key_restrictionintegernoThe minimum allowed bit length of an uploaded DSA key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables DSA keys.
ecdsa_key_restrictionintegernoThe minimum allowed curve size (in bits) of an uploaded ECDSA key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables ECDSA keys.
ed25519_key_restrictionintegernoThe minimum allowed curve size (in bits) of an uploaded ED25519 key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables ED25519 keys.
eks_integration_enabledbooleannoEnable integration with Amazon EKS
eks_account_idstringnoAmazon account ID
eks_access_key_idstringnoAWS IAM access key ID
eks_secret_access_keystringnoAWS IAM secret access key
elasticsearch_aws_access_keystringnoAWS IAM access key
elasticsearch_awsbooleannoEnable the use of AWS hosted Elasticsearch
elasticsearch_aws_regionstringnoThe AWS region the Elasticsearch domain is configured
elasticsearch_aws_secret_access_keystringnoAWS IAM secret access key
elasticsearch_indexingbooleannoEnable Elasticsearch indexing
elasticsearch_limit_indexingbooleannoLimit Elasticsearch to index certain namespaces and projects
elasticsearch_namespace_idsarray of integersnoThe namespaces to index via Elasticsearch if elasticsearch_limit_indexing is enabled.
elasticsearch_project_idsarray of integersnoThe projects to index via Elasticsearch if elasticsearch_limit_indexing is enabled.
elasticsearch_searchbooleannoEnable Elasticsearch search
elasticsearch_urlstringnoThe url to use for connecting to Elasticsearch. Use a comma-separated list to support cluster (for example, http://localhost:9200, http://localhost:9201"). If your Elasticsearch instance is password protected, pass the username:password in the URL (for example, http://<username>:<password>@<elastic_host>:9200/).
email_additional_textstringnoAdditional text added to the bottom of every email for legal/auditing/compliance reasons
email_author_in_bodybooleannoSome email servers do not support overriding the email sender name. Enable this option to include the name of the author of the issue, merge request or comment in the email body instead.
enabled_git_access_protocolstringnoEnabled protocols for Git access. Allowed values are: ssh, http, and nil to allow both protocols.
enforce_termsbooleanno(If enabled, requires: terms) Enforce application ToS to all users.
external_auth_client_certstringno(If enabled, requires: external_auth_client_key) The certificate to use to authenticate with the external authorization service
external_auth_client_key_passstringnoPassphrase to use for the private key when authenticating with the external service this is encrypted when stored
external_auth_client_keystringrequired by: external_auth_client_certPrivate key for the certificate when authentication is required for the external authorization service, this is encrypted when stored
external_authorization_service_default_labelstringrequired by: external_authorization_service_enabledThe default classification label to use when requesting authorization and no classification label has been specified on the project
external_authorization_service_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: external_authorization_service_default_label, external_authorization_service_timeout and external_authorization_service_url) Enable using an external authorization service for accessing projects
external_authorization_service_timeoutfloatrequired by: external_authorization_service_enabledThe timeout after which an authorization request is aborted, in seconds. When a request times out, access is denied to the user. (min: 0.001, max: 10, step: 0.001)
external_authorization_service_urlstringrequired by: external_authorization_service_enabledURL to which authorization requests will be directed
file_template_project_idintegernoThe ID of a project to load custom file templates from
first_day_of_weekintegernoStart day of the week for calendar views and date pickers. Valid values are 0 (default) for Sunday, 1 for Monday, and 6 for Saturday.
geo_node_allowed_ipsstringyesComma-separated list of IPs and CIDRs of allowed secondary nodes. For example,,
geo_status_timeoutintegernoThe amount of seconds after which a request to get a secondary node status will time out.
gitaly_timeout_defaultintegernoDefault Gitaly timeout, in seconds. This timeout is not enforced for Git fetch/push operations or Sidekiq jobs. Set to 0 to disable timeouts.
gitaly_timeout_fastintegernoGitaly fast operation timeout, in seconds. Some Gitaly operations are expected to be fast. If they exceed this threshold, there may be a problem with a storage shard and ‘failing fast’ can help maintain the stability of the GitLab instance. Set to 0 to disable timeouts.
gitaly_timeout_mediumintegernoMedium Gitaly timeout, in seconds. This should be a value between the Fast and the Default timeout. Set to 0 to disable timeouts.
grafana_enabledbooleannoEnable Grafana.
grafana_urlstringnoGrafana URL.
gravatar_enabledbooleannoEnable Gravatar.
hashed_storage_enabledbooleannoCreate new projects using hashed storage paths: Enable immutable, hash-based paths and repository names to store repositories on disk. This prevents repositories from having to be moved or renamed when the Project URL changes and may improve disk I/O performance. (EXPERIMENTAL)
help_page_hide_commercial_contentbooleannoHide marketing-related entries from help.
help_page_support_urlstringnoAlternate support URL for help page and help dropdown.
help_page_textstringnoCustom text displayed on the help page.
help_textstringnoGitLab server administrator information
hide_third_party_offersbooleannoDo not display offers from third parties within GitLab.
home_page_urlstringnoRedirect to this URL when not logged in.
housekeeping_bitmaps_enabledbooleanrequired by: housekeeping_enabledEnable Git pack file bitmap creation.
housekeeping_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: housekeeping_bitmaps_enabled, housekeeping_full_repack_period, housekeeping_gc_period, and housekeeping_incremental_repack_period) Enable or disable Git housekeeping.
housekeeping_full_repack_periodintegerrequired by: housekeeping_enabledNumber of Git pushes after which an incremental git repack is run.
housekeeping_gc_periodintegerrequired by: housekeeping_enabledNumber of Git pushes after which git gc is run.
housekeeping_incremental_repack_periodintegerrequired by: housekeeping_enabledNumber of Git pushes after which an incremental git repack is run.
html_emails_enabledbooleannoEnable HTML emails.
import_sourcesarray of stringsnoSources to allow project import from, possible values: github, bitbucket, bitbucket_server, gitlab, google_code, fogbugz, git, gitlab_project, gitea, manifest, and phabricator.
instance_statistics_visibility_privatebooleannoWhen set to true Instance statistics will only be available to admins.
local_markdown_versionintegernoIncrease this value when any cached Markdown should be invalidated.
max_artifacts_sizeintegernoMaximum artifacts size in MB
max_attachment_sizeintegernoLimit attachment size in MB
max_pages_sizeintegernoMaximum size of pages repositories in MB
max_personal_access_token_lifetimeintegernoMaximum allowable lifetime for personal access tokens in days
metrics_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: metrics_host, metrics_method_call_threshold, metrics_packet_size, metrics_pool_size, metrics_port, metrics_sample_interval and metrics_timeout) Enable influxDB metrics.
metrics_hoststringrequired by: metrics_enabledInfluxDB host.
metrics_method_call_thresholdintegerrequired by: metrics_enabledA method call is only tracked when it takes longer than the given amount of milliseconds.
metrics_packet_sizeintegerrequired by: metrics_enabledThe amount of data points to send in a single UDP packet.
metrics_pool_sizeintegerrequired by: metrics_enabledThe amount of InfluxDB connections to keep open.
metrics_portintegerrequired by: metrics_enabledThe UDP port to use for connecting to InfluxDB.
metrics_sample_intervalintegerrequired by: metrics_enabledThe sampling interval in seconds.
metrics_timeoutintegerrequired by: metrics_enabledThe amount of seconds after which InfluxDB will time out.
mirror_availablebooleannoAllow repository mirroring to configured by project Maintainers. If disabled, only Admins will be able to configure repository mirroring.
mirror_capacity_thresholdintegernoMinimum capacity to be available before scheduling more mirrors preemptively
mirror_max_capacityintegernoMaximum number of mirrors that can be synchronizing at the same time.
mirror_max_delayintegernoMaximum time (in minutes) between updates that a mirror can have when scheduled to synchronize.
outbound_local_requests_whitelistarray of stringsnoDefine a list of trusted domains or ip addresses to which local requests are allowed when local requests for hooks and services are disabled.
pages_domain_verification_enabledbooleannoRequire users to prove ownership of custom domains. Domain verification is an essential security measure for public GitLab sites. Users are required to demonstrate they control a domain before it is enabled.
password_authentication_enabled_for_gitbooleannoEnable authentication for Git over HTTP(S) via a GitLab account password. Default is true.
password_authentication_enabled_for_webbooleannoEnable authentication for the web interface via a GitLab account password. Default is true.
performance_bar_allowed_group_idstringno(Deprecated: Use performance_bar_allowed_group_path instead) Path of the group that is allowed to toggle the performance bar.
performance_bar_allowed_group_pathstringnoPath of the group that is allowed to toggle the performance bar.
performance_bar_enabledbooleanno(Deprecated: Pass performance_bar_allowed_group_path: nil instead) Allow enabling the performance bar.
plantuml_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: plantuml_url) Enable PlantUML integration. Default is false.
plantuml_urlstringrequired by: plantuml_enabledThe PlantUML instance URL for integration.
polling_interval_multiplierdecimalnoInterval multiplier used by endpoints that perform polling. Set to 0 to disable polling.
deletion_adjourned_periodintegernoThe number of days to wait before removing a project or group that is marked for deletion. Value must be between 0 and 90.
project_export_enabledbooleannoEnable project export.
prometheus_metrics_enabledbooleannoEnable Prometheus metrics.
protected_ci_variablesbooleannoEnvironment variables are protected by default.
pseudonymizer_enabledbooleannoWhen enabled, GitLab will run a background job that will produce pseudonymized CSVs of the GitLab database that will be uploaded to your configured object storage directory.
push_event_hooks_limitintegernoNumber of changes (branches or tags) in a single push to determine whether webhooks and services will be fired or not. Webhooks and services won’t be submitted if it surpasses that value.
push_event_activities_limitintegernoNumber of changes (branches or tags) in a single push to determine whether individual push events or bulk push events will be created. Bulk push events will be created if it surpasses that value.
recaptcha_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: recaptcha_private_key and recaptcha_site_key) Enable reCAPTCHA.
recaptcha_private_keystringrequired by: recaptcha_enabledPrivate key for reCAPTCHA.
recaptcha_site_keystringrequired by: recaptcha_enabledSite key for reCAPTCHA.
receive_max_input_sizeintegernoMaximum push size (MB).
repository_checks_enabledbooleannoGitLab will periodically run git fsck in all project and wiki repositories to look for silent disk corruption issues.
repository_size_limitintegernoSize limit per repository (MB)
repository_storagesarray of stringsnoA list of names of enabled storage paths, taken from gitlab.yml. New projects will be created in one of these stores, chosen at random.
require_two_factor_authenticationbooleanno(If enabled, requires: two_factor_grace_period) Require all users to set up Two-factor authentication.
restricted_visibility_levelsarray of stringsnoSelected levels cannot be used by non-admin users for groups, projects or snippets. Can take private, internal and public as a parameter. Default is null which means there is no restriction.
rsa_key_restrictionintegernoThe minimum allowed bit length of an uploaded RSA key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables RSA keys.
send_user_confirmation_emailbooleannoSend confirmation email on sign-up.
session_expire_delayintegernoSession duration in minutes. GitLab restart is required to apply changes
shared_runners_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: shared_runners_text and shared_runners_minutes) Enable shared runners for new projects.
shared_runners_minutesintegerrequired by: shared_runners_enabledSet the maximum number of pipeline minutes that a group can use on shared Runners per month.
shared_runners_textstringrequired by: shared_runners_enabledShared runners text.
signin_enabledstringno(Deprecated: Use password_authentication_enabled_for_web instead) Flag indicating if password authentication is enabled for the web interface.
sign_in_textstringnoText on the login page.
signup_enabledbooleannoEnable registration. Default is true.
slack_app_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: slack_app_id, slack_app_secret and slack_app_secret) Enable Slack app.
slack_app_idstringrequired by: slack_app_enabledThe app id of the Slack-app.
slack_app_secretstringrequired by: slack_app_enabledThe app secret of the Slack-app.
slack_app_verification_tokenstringrequired by: slack_app_enabledThe verification token of the Slack-app.
snowplow_collector_hostnamestringrequired by: snowplow_enabledThe Snowplow collector hostname. (for example,
snowplow_cookie_domainstringnoThe Snowplow cookie domain. (for example,
snowplow_enabledbooleannoEnable snowplow tracking.
snowplow_app_idstringnoThe Snowplow site name / application id. (for example, gitlab)
snowplow_iglu_registry_urlstringnoThe Snowplow base Iglu Schema Registry URL to use for custom context and self describing events’
sourcegraph_enabledbooleannoEnables Sourcegraph integration. Default is false. If enabled, requires sourcegraph_url.
sourcegraph_urlstringrequired by: sourcegraph_enabledThe Sourcegraph instance URL for integration.
sourcegraph_public_onlybooleannoBlocks Sourcegraph from being loaded on private and internal projects. Default is true.
terminal_max_session_timeintegernoMaximum time for web terminal websocket connection (in seconds). Set to 0 for unlimited time.
termstextrequired by: enforce_terms(Required by: enforce_terms) Markdown content for the ToS.
throttle_authenticated_api_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: throttle_authenticated_api_period_in_seconds and throttle_authenticated_api_requests_per_period) Enable authenticated API request rate limit. Helps reduce request volume (for example, from crawlers or abusive bots).
throttle_authenticated_api_period_in_secondsintegerrequired by: throttle_authenticated_api_enabledRate limit period in seconds.
throttle_authenticated_api_requests_per_periodintegerrequired by: throttle_authenticated_api_enabledMax requests per period per user.
throttle_authenticated_web_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: throttle_authenticated_web_period_in_seconds and throttle_authenticated_web_requests_per_period) Enable authenticated web request rate limit. Helps reduce request volume (for example, from crawlers or abusive bots).
throttle_authenticated_web_period_in_secondsintegerrequired by: throttle_authenticated_web_enabledRate limit period in seconds.
throttle_authenticated_web_requests_per_periodintegerrequired by: throttle_authenticated_web_enabledMax requests per period per user.
throttle_unauthenticated_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: throttle_unauthenticated_period_in_seconds and throttle_unauthenticated_requests_per_period) Enable unauthenticated request rate limit. Helps reduce request volume (for example, from crawlers or abusive bots).
throttle_unauthenticated_period_in_secondsintegerrequired by: throttle_unauthenticated_enabledRate limit period in seconds.
throttle_unauthenticated_requests_per_periodintegerrequired by: throttle_unauthenticated_enabledMax requests per period per IP.
time_tracking_limit_to_hoursbooleannoLimit display of time tracking units to hours. Default is false.
two_factor_grace_periodintegerrequired by: require_two_factor_authenticationAmount of time (in hours) that users are allowed to skip forced configuration of two-factor authentication.
unique_ips_limit_enabledbooleanno(If enabled, requires: unique_ips_limit_per_user and unique_ips_limit_time_window) Limit sign in from multiple ips.
unique_ips_limit_per_userintegerrequired by: unique_ips_limit_enabledMaximum number of IPs per user.
unique_ips_limit_time_windowintegerrequired by: unique_ips_limit_enabledHow many seconds an IP will be counted towards the limit.
usage_ping_enabledbooleannoEvery week GitLab will report license usage back to GitLab, Inc.
user_default_externalbooleannoNewly registered users will be external by default.
user_default_internal_regexstringnoSpecify an e-mail address regex pattern to identify default internal users.
user_oauth_applicationsbooleannoAllow users to register any application to use GitLab as an OAuth provider.
user_show_add_ssh_key_messagebooleannoWhen set to false disable the “You won’t be able to pull or push project code via SSH” warning shown to users with no uploaded SSH key.
version_check_enabledbooleannoLet GitLab inform you when an update is available.
web_ide_clientside_preview_enabledbooleannoClient side evaluation (allow live previews of JavaScript projects in the Web IDE using CodeSandbox client side evaluation).
snippet_size_limitintegernoMax snippet content size in bytes. Default: 52428800 Bytes (50MB).