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Service Desk

Introduced in GitLab Enterprise Edition Premium 9.1.

GitLab Service Desk is a simple way to allow people to create issues in your GitLab instance without needing their own user account.

It provides a unique email address for end users to create issues in a project, and replies can be sent either through the GitLab interface or by email. End users will only see the thread through email.

Configuring Service Desk

  1. Set up reply by email for the GitLab instance. This must support email sub-addressing.
  2. As an administrator user on your GitLab instance, go to a project's settings page.
  3. If you have the correct access and an Enterprise Edition Premium license, you will see an option to set up Service Desk:

    Activate Service Desk option

  4. Checking that box will enable Service Desk for the project, and show a unique email address to email issues to the project. These issues will be confidential, so they will only be visible to project members.

    Warning: as the screenshot below shows, this email address can be used by anyone to create an issue on this project, whether or not they have access to your GitLab instance. We recommend putting this behind an alias so that it can be changed if needed, and enabling Akismet on your GitLab instance to add spam checking to this service.

    Service Desk enabled

  5. Service Desk is now enabled for this project!

Using Service Desk

As an end user (issue creator)

To create a Service Desk issue, an end user doesn't need to know anything about the GitLab instance. They just send an email to the address they are given, and receive an email back confirming receipt:

Service Desk enabled

This also gives the end user an option to unsubscribe.

If they don't choose to unsubscribe, then any new comments added to the issue will be sent as emails:

Service Desk reply email

And any responses they send will be displayed in the issue itself.

As a responder to the issue

For responders to the issue, everything works as normal. Messages from the end user will show as coming from the special Support Bot user, but apart from that, you can read and write comments as normal:

Service Desk issue thread