Troubleshooting GitLab for Slack app

Tier: Free, Premium, Ultimate Offering:, Self-managed, GitLab Dedicated

When working with the GitLab for Slack app, you might encounter the following issues.

For administrator documentation, see GitLab for Slack app administration.

App does not appear in the list of integrations

The GitLab for Slack app might not appear in the list of integrations. To have the GitLab for Slack app on your self-managed instance, an administrator must enable the integration. On, the GitLab for Slack app is available by default.

Project or alias not found

Some Slack commands must have a project full path or alias and fail with the following error if the project cannot be found:

GitLab error: project or alias not found

To resolve this issue, ensure:

Slash commands return dispatch_failed in Slack

Slash commands might return /gitlab failed with the error "dispatch_failed" in Slack.

To resolve this issue, ensure an administrator has properly configured the GitLab for Slack app settings on your self-managed instance.

Notifications not received to a channel

If you’re not receiving notifications to a Slack channel, ensure:

App Home does not display properly

If the App Home does not display properly, ensure your app is up to date.