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The Snowflake GitLab Data Connector pulls data into Snowflake.

In Snowflake you can then view, combine, manipulate, and report on all of the data. The GitLab Data Connector is based on GitLab REST APIs and requires both Snowflake and GitLab configuration.


  1. If you do not have a GitLab personal access token:
    1. Sign in to GitLab.
    2. Follow steps outlined to create a personal access token.
  2. Create a external access integration in Snowflake. For more information, see setup documentation in the snowflake-connector project.
  3. Create a warehouse in Snowflake.

Configure the GitLab Data Connector

  1. Sign in to Snowflake.
  2. Select Data Products > Marketplace.
  3. Search for GitLab Data Connector.
  4. Select Data Products > Apps.
  5. Select GitLab Data Connector.
  6. Select a warehouse where the GitLab Data Connector runs.
  7. Select Start Configuration.
  8. Select Grant privileges.
  9. Enter a destination warehouse and schema. These can be any warehouse and schema that you want.
  10. Select Configure.
  11. Enter an External access integration.
  12. Enter the path where the GitLab personal access token secret is stored.
  13. Enter the domain for your GitLab instance. For example,
  14. Select Connect.
  15. Enter a group name. For example, my-group.
  16. Select Finalize configurator.
  17. Select Configure.

View data in Snowflake

  1. Sign in to Snowflake.
  2. Select Data > Databases.
  3. Select the warehouse configured above.