Troubleshooting Jira DVCS connector

Refer to the items in this section if you’re having problems with your Jira DVCS connector.

Jira cannot access GitLab server

If you complete the Add New Account form, authorize access, and you receive this error, Jira and GitLab cannot connect. No other error messages appear in any logs:

Error obtaining access token. Cannot access from Jira.

Session token bug in Jira

When using GitLab 15.0 and later (including with Jira Server, you might experience a session token bug in Jira. As a workaround, ensure Jira Server is version 9.1.0 and later or 8.20.11 and later.

SSL and TLS problems

Problems with SSL and TLS can cause this error message:

Error obtaining access token. Cannot access from Jira.
  • The Jira integration requires GitLab to connect to Jira. Any TLS issues that arise from a private certificate authority or self-signed certificate are resolved on the GitLab server, as GitLab is the TLS client.
  • The Jira development panel requires Jira to connect to GitLab, which causes Jira to be the TLS client. If your GitLab server’s certificate is not issued by a public certificate authority, add the appropriate certificate (such as your organization’s root certificate) to the Java Truststore on Jira Server.

For help with Jira setup, see the Atlassian documentation and Atlassian Support:

  • Add a certificate to the trust store.
    • The simplest approach is keytool.
    • Add additional roots to Java’s default Truststore (cacerts) to allow Jira to also trust public certificate authorities.
    • If the integration stops working after upgrading Jira Java runtime, the cacerts Truststore may have been replaced during the upgrade.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity up to and including TLS handshaking, using the SSLPoke Java class.
  • Download the class from the Atlassian knowledge base to a directory on Jira Server, such as /tmp.
  • Use the same Java runtime as Jira.
  • Pass all networking-related parameters that Jira is called with, such as proxy settings or an alternative root Truststore (
${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -classpath /tmp SSLPoke 443

The message Successfully connected indicates a successful TLS handshake.

If there are problems, the Java TLS library generates errors that you can look up for more detail.

Scope error when connecting to Jira using DVCS

The requested scope is invalid, unknown, or malformed.

Potential resolutions:

  1. Verify that the URL shown in the browser after being redirected from Jira in the Jira DVCS connector setup includes scope=api in the query string.
  2. If scope=api is missing from the URL, edit the GitLab account configuration. Review the Scopes field and ensure the api checkbox is selected.

Jira error adding account and no repositories listed

After you complete the Add New Account form in Jira and authorize access, you might encounter these issues:

  • An Error! Failed adding the account: [Error retrieving list of repositories] error.
  • An Account is already integrated with JIRA error when you select Try Again.
  • An account is visible in the DVCS accounts view, but no repositories are listed.

To resolve this issue:

  • If you’re using GitLab Free, ensure you’re using GitLab 13.4 or later.
  • If you’re using GitLab versions 11.10-12.7, upgrade to GitLab 12.8.10 or later to resolve an identified issue.

Contact GitLab Support if none of these reasons apply.

410 : Gone error when connecting to Jira

When you connect to Jira and synchronize repositories, you may receive a 410 : Gone error.

This issue occurs when you use the Jira DVCS connector and your integration is configured to use GitHub Enterprise.

For more information and possible fixes, see this issue.

Synchronization issues

If Jira displays incorrect information, such as deleted branches, you may have to resynchronize the information:

  1. In Jira, select Jira Administration > Applications > DVCS accounts.
  2. For the account (group or subgroup), select Refresh repositories from the (ellipsis) menu.
  3. For each project, next to the Last activity date:
    • To perform a soft resync, select the sync icon.
    • To complete a full sync, press Shift and select the sync icon.

For more information, see the Atlassian documentation.

Sync Failed error when refreshing repository data

If you get a Sync Failed error in Jira when refreshing repository data for specific projects, check your Jira DVCS connector logs. Look for errors that occur when executing requests to API resources in GitLab. For example:

Failed to execute request [ GET returned a response status of 403 Forbidden] errors:
{"message":"403 Forbidden"}

If you find a {"message":"403 Forbidden"} error, it is possible that this specific project has some GitLab features disabled. In the example above, the merge requests feature is disabled.

To resolve the issue, enable the relevant feature:

  1. On the top bar, select Main menu > Projects and find your project.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Settings > General.
  3. Expand Visibility, project features, permissions.
  4. Use the toggles to enable the features as needed.

Find webhook logs in a DVCS-linked project

To find webhook logs in a DVCS-linked project:

  1. On the top bar, select Main menu > Projects and find your project.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Settings > Webhooks.
  3. Scroll down to Project Hooks.
  4. Next to the log that points to your Jira instance, select Edit.
  5. Scroll down to Recent events.

If you can’t find webhook logs in your project, check your DVCS setup for problems.