Test results tracking

We developed the gitlab_quality-test_tooling gem that includes several commands to automate test results tracking.

The goal of this gem is to have a consolidated set of tooling that we use across our various test suite (for example, GitLab Rails & E2E test suites).

The initial motivation and development was tracked by this epic.

Rails test results tracking

We plan to use the relate-failure-issue command from the gem (see the gem’s README for details about the command).

End-to-end test results tracking

This is described specifically at https://about.gitlab.com/handbook/engineering/quality/#test-results-tracking.

For the E2E test suite, we use the following commands from the gem (see the gem’s README for details about each command):

  • prepare-stage-reports
  • generate-test-session
  • report-results
  • update-screenshot-paths
  • relate-failure-issue