RSpec metadata for end-to-end tests

This is a partial list of the RSpec metadata (a.k.a. tags) that are used in our end-to-end tests.

:elasticsearchThe test requires an Elasticsearch service. It is used by the instance-level scenario Test::Integration::Elasticsearch to include only tests that require Elasticsearch.
:kubernetesThe test includes a GitLab instance that is configured to be run behind an SSH tunnel, allowing a TLS-accessible GitLab. This test will also include provisioning of at least one Kubernetes cluster to test against. This tag is often be paired with :orchestrated.
:orchestratedThe GitLab instance under test may be configured by gitlab-qa to be different to the default GitLab configuration, or gitlab-qa may launch additional services in separate docker containers, or both. Tests tagged with :orchestrated are excluded when testing environments where we can’t dynamically modify GitLab’s configuration (for example, Staging).
:quarantineThe test has been quarantined, will run in a separate job that only includes quarantined tests, and is allowed to fail. The test will be skipped in its regular job so that if it fails it will not hold up the pipeline.
:reliableThe test has been promoted to a reliable test meaning it passes consistently in all pipelines, including merge requests.
:requires_adminThe test requires an admin account. Tests with the tag are excluded when run against Canary and Production environments.
:runnerThe test depends on and will set up a GitLab Runner instance, typically to run a pipeline.