Database Dictionary

This page documents the database schema for GitLab, so data analysts and other groups can locate the feature categories responsible for specific database tables.


Database dictionary metadata files are stored in the gitlab project under db/docs/.

Example dictionary file

table_name: terraform_states
- Terraform::State
- infrastructure_as_code
description: Represents a Terraform state backend
milestone: '13.0'


table_nameStringyesDatabase table name
classesArray(String)noList of classes that respond to .table_name with the table_name
feature_categoriesArray(String)yesList of feature categories using this table
descriptionStringnoText description of the information stored in the table and it’s purpose
introduced_by_urlURLnoURL to the merge request or commit which introduced this table
milestoneStringnoThe milestone that introduced this table

Adding tables

When adding a new table, create a new file under db/docs/ named <table_name>.yml containing as much information as you know about the table.

Include this file in the commit with the migration that creates the table.

Dropping tables

When dropping a table, you must remove the metadata file from db/docs/ in the same commit with the migration that drops the table.