Sidekiq execution SLIs (service level indicators)

This SLI is used for service monitoring. But not for error budgets for stage groups by default.

The Sidekiq execution Apdex measures the duration of successful jobs completion as an indicator for application performance.

The error rate measures unsuccessful jobs completion when exception occurs as an indicator for server misbehavior.

  • gitlab_sli_sidekiq_execution_apdex_total: This counter gets incremented for every successful job execution that does not result in an exception. It ensures slow jobs are not counted twice, because the job is already counted in the error SLI.

  • gitlab_sli_sidekiq_execution_apdex_success_total: This counter gets incremented for every successful job that performed faster than the defined target duration depending on the job urgency.

  • gitlab_sli_sidekiq_execution_error_total: This counter gets incremented for every job that encountered an exception.

  • gitlab_sli_sidekiq_execution_total: This counter gets incremented for every job execution.

These counters are labeled with:

  • worker: The identification of the worker.

  • feature_category: The feature category specified for that worker.

  • urgency: The urgency attribute specified for that worker.

  • external_dependencies: The boolean value yes or no based on the external dependencies attribute.

  • queue: The queue in which the job is running.

For more information about these SLIs, see the Sidekiq SLIs documentation in runbooks.

Adjusting job urgency

Not all workers perform the same type of work, so it is possible to define different urgency levels for different jobs. A job with a lower urgency can have a longer execution duration than jobs with high urgency.

For more information on the execution latency requirement and how to set a job’s urgency, see the Sidekiq worker attributes page.

Error budget attribution and ownership

This SLI is used for service level monitoring. It feeds into the error budget for stage groups.

The workers for the SLI feed into a group’s error budget based on the feature category declared on it.

To know which workers are included for your group, see the Sidekiq Completion Rate panel on the group dashboard for your group. In the Budget Attribution row, the Sidekiq Execution Apdex log link shows you how many jobs are not meeting the 10 second or 300 second target.

Jobs with external dependencies

Jobs with external dependencies are excluded from the Apdex and error ratio calculation.