To-Do List

Your To-Do List is a chronological list of items waiting for your input. The items are known as to-do items.

You can use the To-Do List to track actions related to:

Access the To-Do List

To access your To-Do List:

On the top bar, in the upper-right corner, select the To-Do List ().

Search the To-Do List

You can search your To-Do List by to do and done.

You can filter to-do items per project, author, type, and action. Also, you can sort them by Label priority, Last created, and Oldest created.

Actions that create to-do items

Many to-do items are created automatically. Some of the actions that add a to-do item to your To-Do List:

  • An issue or merge request is assigned to you.
  • A merge request review is requested.
  • You’re mentioned in the description or comment of an issue, merge request, or epic.
  • You’re mentioned in a comment on a commit or design.
  • The CI/CD pipeline for your merge request fails.
  • An open merge request cannot be merged due to conflict, and one of the following is true:
    • You’re the author.
    • You’re the user that set the merge request to automatically merge after a pipeline succeeds.
  • In GitLab 13.2 and later, a merge request is removed from a merge train, and you’re the user that added it.
  • In GitLab 15.8 and later, a member access request is raised for a group or project you’re an owner of.

When several actions occur for the same user on the same object, GitLab displays the first action as a single to-do item. To change this behavior, enable multiple to-do items per object.

To-do items aren’t affected by GitLab notification email settings.

Multiple to-do items per object

Version history
On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is not available. To make it available per user, ask an administrator to enable the feature flag named multiple_todos. On, this feature is not available. The feature is not ready for production use.

When you enable this feature:

  • Every time you’re mentioned, GitLab creates a new to-do item for you.
  • Other actions that create to-do items create one to-do item per action type on the issue, MR, and so on.

Create a to-do item

Introduced in objectives, key results and, tasks in GitLab 16.0.

You can manually add an item to your To-Do List.

  1. Go to your:

  2. In the upper-right corner, select Add a to do ().

    Adding a to-do item from the issuable sidebar

    Adding a to-do item from the Objective and Key results

Create a to-do item by mentioning someone

You can create a to-do item by mentioning someone anywhere except for a code block. Mentioning a user many times in one message only creates one to-do item.

For example, from the following comment, everyone except frank gets a to-do item created for them:

@alice What do you think? cc: @bob

- @carol can you please have a look?

> @dan what do you think?

Hey @erin, this is what they said:

Hi, please message @frank :incoming_envelope:

Actions that mark a to-do item as done

Various actions on the to-do item object (like issue, merge request, or epic) mark its corresponding to-do item as done.

To-do items are marked as done if you:

  • Add an emoji reaction to the description or comment.
  • Add or remove a label.
  • Change the assignee.
  • Change the milestone.
  • Close the to-do item’s object.
  • Create a comment.
  • Edit the description.
  • Resolve a design discussion thread.
  • Accept or deny a project or group membership request.

To-do items are not marked as done if you:

If someone else closes, merges, or takes action on an issue, merge request, or epic, your to-do item remains pending.

Mark a to-do item as done

You can manually mark a to-do item as done.

There are two ways to do this:

  • In the To-Do List, to the right of the to-do item, select Mark as done ().
  • In the upper-right corner of the resource (for example, issue or merge request), select Mark as done ().

    Mark as done from the sidebar

    Mark as done from the Objectives and Key results

Mark all to-do items as done

You can mark all your to-do items as done at the same time.

In the To-Do List, in the upper-right corner, select Mark all as done.

How a user’s To-Do List is affected when their access changes

For security reasons, GitLab deletes to-do items when a user no longer has access to a related resource. For example, if the user no longer has access to an issue, merge request, epic, project, or group, GitLab deletes the related to-do items.

This process occurs in the hour after their access changes. Deletion is delayed to prevent data loss, in case the user’s access was accidentally revoked.