Test a new look for epics

Tier: Premium, Ultimate Offering: Self-managed Status: Experiment
On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is not available. To make it available, an administrator can enable the feature flags listed in Feature flags. On GitLab.com and GitLab Dedicated, this feature is not available. This feature is available for testing, but not ready for production use.
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This project is still in the experimental stage and could result in corruption or loss of production data. If you would like to enable this feature with no consequences, you are strongly advised to do so in a test environment.

We’re working on changing how epics look by migrating them to a unified framework for work items to better meet the product needs of our Agile Planning offering.

For more information, see epic 9290 and the following blog posts:

Feature flags

To try out this change on GitLab self-managed, enable the following feature flags. Because this is an experimental feature, we strongly advise to enable the feature flags on a new group that does not contain any critical data.

Flag Description Actor Status Milestone
work_item_epics Consolidated flag that contains all the changes needed to get epic work items to work for a given group. Group Required 17.2
work_items_rolledup_dates Calculates the start and due dates in a hierarchy for work items. Group Required 17.2
epic_and_work_item_associations_unification Delegates other epic and work item associations. Group Required 17.2
work_item_epics_rollout Feature flag per user to enable or disable the new work item view as the default experience. User Required 17.3


If you run into any issue while trying out this change, you can use feedback issue to provide more details.