Package Settings

This page includes an exhaustive list of settings related to and maintained by the package stage.

Instance Settings

Package Registry

npm_package_requests_forwardingapplication_settingsEnables or disables npm package forwarding at the instance level.
pypi_package_requests_forwardingapplication_settingsEnables or disables PyPI package forwarding at the instance level.
packages_cleanup_package_file_worker_capacityapplication_settingsNumber of concurrent workers allowed for package file cleanup.
throttle_unauthenticated_packages_api_requests_per_periodapplication_settingsRequest limit for unauthenticated package API requests in the period defined by throttle_unauthenticated_packages_api_period_in_seconds.
throttle_unauthenticated_packages_api_period_in_secondsapplication_settingsPeriod in seconds to measure unauthenticated package API requests.
throttle_authenticated_packages_api_requests_per_periodapplication_settingsRequest limit for authenticated package API requests in the period defined by throttle_authenticated_packages_api_period_in_seconds.
throttle_authenticated_packages_api_period_in_secondsapplication_settingsPeriod in seconds to measure authenticated package API requests.
throttle_authenticated_packages_api_enabledapplication_settingsEnables or disables request limits/throttling for the package API.
conan_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a Conan package file.
maven_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a Maven package file.
npm_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for an npm package file.
nuget_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a NuGet package file.
pypi_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a PyPI package file.
generic_packages_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a generic package file.
golang_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a GoProxy package file.
debian_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a Debian package file.
rubygems_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a RubyGems package file.
terraform_module_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a Terraform package file.
helm_max_file_sizeplan_limitsMaximum file size for a Helm package file.

Container Registry

container_registry_token_expire_delayapplication_settingsThe time in minutes before the container registry auth token (JWT) expires.
container_expiration_policies_enable_historic_entriesapplication_settingsAllow or prevent projects older than 12.8 to use container cleanup policies.
container_registry_vendorapplication_settingsThe vendor of the container registry. gitlab for the GitLab container registry, other values for external registries.
container_registry_versionapplication_settingsThe current version of the container registry.
container_registry_featuresapplication_settingsFeatures supported by the connected container registry. For example, tag deletion.
container_registry_delete_tags_service_timeoutapplication_settingsThe maximum time (in seconds) that the cleanup process can take to delete a batch of tags.
container_registry_expiration_policies_worker_capacityapplication_settingsNumber of concurrent container image cleanup policy workers allowed.
container_registry_cleanup_tags_service_max_list_sizeapplication_settingsThe maximum number of tags that can be deleted in a cleanup policy single execution. Additional tags must be deleted in another execution.
container_registry_expiration_policies_cachingapplication_settingsEnable or disable tag creation timestamp caching during execution of cleanup policies.
container_registry_import_max_tags_countapplication_settingsDefines what is a the maximum amount of tags that we accept to migrate.
container_registry_import_max_retriesapplication_settingsThe maximum amount of retries done on a migration that is aborted.
container_registry_import_start_max_retriesapplication_settingsThe maximum amount of requests to start an import step that is sent to the Container Registry API.
container_registry_import_max_step_durationapplication_settingsThe maximum amount of seconds before an ongoing migration is considered as stale.
container_registry_import_target_planapplication_settingsThe target subscription plan on which we’re intend to pick container repositories.
container_registry_import_created_beforeapplication_settingsOnly image repositories created before this timestamp are eligible for the migration.
container_registry_pre_import_timeoutapplication_settingsThe timeout for long running pre_imports before they are canceled by the GuardWorker.
container_registry_import_timeoutapplication_settingsThe timeout for long running imports before they are canceled by the GuardWorker.
dependency_proxy_ttl_group_policy_worker_capacityapplication_settingsNumber of concurrent dependency proxy cleanup policy workers allowed.

Namespace/Group Settings

maven_duplicates_allowednamespace_package_settingsAllow or prevent duplicate Maven packages.
maven_duplicate_exception_regexnamespace_package_settingsRegex defining Maven packages that are allowed to be duplicate when duplicates are not allowed. This matches the name and version of the package.
generic_duplicates_allowednamespace_package_settingsAllow or prevent duplicate generic packages.
generic_duplicate_exception_regexnamespace_package_settingsRegex defining generic packages that are allowed to be duplicate when duplicates are not allowed.
Dependency Proxy Cleanup Policies - ttl dependency_proxy_image_ttl_group_policiesNumber of days to retain an unused Dependency Proxy file before it is removed.
Dependency Proxy - enabled dependency_proxy_image_ttl_group_policiesEnable or disable the Dependency Proxy cleanup policy.

Project Settings

Container Cleanup Policies - next_run_at container_expiration_policiesWhen the project qualifies for the next container cleanup policy cron worker.
Container Cleanup Policies - name_regex container_expiration_policiesRegex defining image names to remove with the container cleanup policy.
Container Cleanup Policies - cadence container_expiration_policiesHow often the container cleanup policy should run.
Container Cleanup Policies - older_than container_expiration_policiesAge of images to remove with the container cleanup policy.
Container Cleanup Policies - keep_n container_expiration_policiesNumber of images to retain in a container cleanup policy.
Container Cleanup Policies - enabled container_expiration_policiesEnable or disable a container cleanup policy.
Container Cleanup Policies - name_regex_keep container_expiration_policiesRegex defining image names to always keep regardless of other rules with the container cleanup policy.