Gitpod internal configuration


The settings for gitlab-org/gitlab are defined under a project’s settings in a Gitpod dashboard. To view the settings, you must first join the gitlab-org team on You can join the team using the bookmark link at the top of #gitpod-gdk internal Slack channel.

The current settings are:

  • Enable Incremental Prebuilds: Uses an earlier successful prebuild to create new prebuilds faster.
  • Use Last Successful Prebuild: Skips waiting for prebuilds currently in progress and uses the last successful prebuild from previous commits on the same branch.


A webhook that starts with is created to enable prebuilds (see Enabling Prebuilds for more details). The webhook is maintained by an Engineering Productivity team.

You can find this webhook in Webhook Settings in gitlab-org/gitlab. If you cannot access this setting, chat to the Engineering Productivity team.

Troubleshooting a failed webhook

If a webhook failed to connect for a long time, then it may have been disabled in the project.

To re-enable a failing or failed webhook, send a test request in Webhook Settings. See Re-enable disabled webhooks page for more details.

After re-enabling, check the prebuilds’ health in a project’s prebuilds and confirm that prebuilds start without any errors.