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Troubleshooting issues

This guide doesn’t contain the issue I ran into

If you run into a Frontend development issue that is not in this guide, please consider updating this guide with your issue and possible remedies. This way future adventurers can face these dragons with more success, being armed with your experience and knowledge.

Testing issues

Property or method `nodeType` is not defined but I’m not using nodeType anywhere

This issue can happen in Vue component tests, when an expectation fails, but there is an error thrown when Jest tries to pretty print the diff in the console. It’s been noted that using toEqual with an array as a property might also be a contributing factor.

See this video for an in-depth overview and investigation.

Remedy - Try cloning the object that has Vue watchers

- expect(wrapper.find(ChildComponent).props()).toEqual(...);
+ expect(cloneDeep(wrapper.find(ChildComponent).props())).toEqual(...)

Remedy - Try using toMatchObject instead of toEqual

- expect(wrapper.find(ChildComponent).props()).toEqual(...);
+ expect(wrapper.find(ChildComponent).props()).toMatchObject(...);

Please note that toMatchObject actually changes the nature of the assertion and won’t fail if some items are missing from the expectation.