We are using SVG Icons in GitLab with a SVG Sprite, due to this the icons are only loaded once and then referenced through an ID. The sprite SVG is located under /assets/icons.svg. Our goal is to replace one by one all inline SVG Icons (as those currently bloat the HTML) and also all Font Awesome usages.

Usage in HAML/Rails

To use a sprite Icon in HAML or Rails we use a specific helper function :

sprite_icon(icon_name, size: nil, css_class: '')

icon_name Use the icon_name that you can find in the SVG Sprite (Overview is available here`).

size (optional) Use one of the following sizes : 16,24,32,48,72 (this will be translated into a s16 class)

css_class (optional) If you want to add additional css classes


= sprite_icon('issues', size: 72, css_class: 'icon-danger')

Output from example above

<svg class="s72 icon-danger"><use xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xlink:href="/assets/icons.svg#issues"></use></svg>

Usage in Vue

We have a special Vue component for our sprite icons in \vue_shared\components\icon.vue.

Sample usage :

<icon name="retry" :size="32" css-classes="top" />

name Name of the Icon in the SVG Sprite (Overview is available here`).

size (optional) Number value for the size which is then mapped to a specific CSS class (Available Sizes: 8,12,16,18,24,32,48,72 are mapped to sXX css classes)

css-classes (optional) Additional CSS Classes to add to the svg tag.

Usage in HTML/JS

Please use the following function inside JS to render an icon : gl.utils.spriteIcon(iconName)

Adding a new icon to the sprite

All Icons and Illustrations are managed in the gitlab-svgs repository which is added as a dev-dependency.

To upgrade to a new SVG Sprite version run yarn upgrade @gitlab-org/gitlab-svgs.

SVG Illustrations

Please use from now on for any SVG based illustrations simple img tags to show an illustration by simply using either image_tag or image_path helpers. Please use the class svg-content around it to ensure nice rendering. The illustrations are also organised in the gitlab-svgs repository (as they are then automatically optimised).


= image_tag 'illustrations/merge_requests.svg'