Development seed files

Development seed files are listed under gitlab/db/fixtures/development/ and gitlab/ee/db/fixtures/development/ folders. These files are used to populate the database with records to help verifying if feature functionalities, like charts, are working as expected on local host.

The task rake db:seed_fu can be used to run all development seeds with the exception of the ones under a flag which is usually passed as an environment variable.

The following table summarizes the seeds and tasks that can be used to generate data for features.

DevOps AdoptionFILTER=devops_adoption bundle exec rake db:seed_fu31_devops_adoption.rb
Value Streams DashboardFILTER=cycle_analytics SEED_VSA=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu17_cycle_analytics.rb
Value Stream AnalyticsFILTER=customizable_cycle_analytics SEED_CUSTOMIZABLE_CYCLE_ANALYTICS=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu30_customizable_cycle_analytics
CI/CD analyticsFILTER=ci_cd_analytics SEED_CI_CD_ANALYTICS=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu38_ci_cd_analytics
Contributions Analytics

Productivity Analytics

Code review Analytics

Merge Request Analytics
FILTER=productivity_analytics SEED_PRODUCTIVITY_ANALYTICS=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu90_productivity_analytics
Repository AnalyticsFILTER=14_pipelines NEW_PROJECT=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu14_pipelines
Issue Analytics

NEW_PROJECT=1 bin/rake gitlab:seed:insights:issuesinsights Rake task
DORA metricsSEED_DORA=1 FILTER=dora_metrics bundle exec rake db:seed_fu92_dora_metrics