Development seed files

Development seed files are listed under gitlab/db/fixtures/development/ and gitlab/ee/db/fixtures/development/ folders. These files are used to populate the database with records to help verifying if feature functionalities, like charts, are working as expected on local host.

The task rake db:seed_fu can be used to run all development seeds with the exception of the ones under a flag which is usually passed as an environment variable.

The following table summarizes the seeds and tasks that can be used to generate data for features.

Feature Command Seed
DevOps Adoption FILTER=devops_adoption bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 31_devops_adoption.rb
Value Streams Dashboard FILTER=cycle_analytics SEED_VSA=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 17_cycle_analytics.rb
Value Streams Dashboard overview counts FILTER=vsd_overview_counts SEED_VSD_COUNTS=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 93_vsd_overview_counts.rb
Value Stream Analytics FILTER=customizable_cycle_analytics SEED_CUSTOMIZABLE_CYCLE_ANALYTICS=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 30_customizable_cycle_analytics
CI/CD analytics FILTER=ci_cd_analytics SEED_CI_CD_ANALYTICS=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 38_ci_cd_analytics
Contributions Analytics

Productivity Analytics

Code review Analytics

Merge Request Analytics
FILTER=productivity_analytics SEED_PRODUCTIVITY_ANALYTICS=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 90_productivity_analytics
Repository Analytics FILTER=14_pipelines NEW_PROJECT=1 bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 14_pipelines
Issue Analytics

NEW_PROJECT=1 bin/rake gitlab:seed:insights:issues insights Rake task
DORA metrics SEED_DORA=1 FILTER=dora_metrics bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 92_dora_metrics
Code Suggestion data in ClickHouse FILTER=ai_usage_stats bundle exec rake db:seed_fu 94_ai_usage_stats