Project iterations API

Version history
  • Introduced in GitLab 13.5.
  • Moved to GitLab Premium in 13.9.

This page describes the project iterations API. There’s a separate group iterations API page.

As of GitLab 13.5, we don’t have project-level iterations, but you can use this endpoint to fetch the iterations of the project’s ancestor groups.

List project iterations

Returns a list of project iterations.

GET /projects/:id/iterations
GET /projects/:id/iterations?state=opened
GET /projects/:id/iterations?state=closed
GET /projects/:id/iterations?search=version
GET /projects/:id/iterations?include_ancestors=false
statestringno‘Return opened, upcoming, current (previously started), closed, or all iterations. Filtering by started state is deprecated starting with 14.1, please use current instead.’
searchstringnoReturn only iterations with a title matching the provided string.
include_ancestorsbooleannoInclude iterations from parent group and its ancestors. Defaults to true.

Example request:

curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" ""

Example response:

    "id": 53,
    "iid": 13,
    "group_id": 5,
    "title": "Iteration II",
    "description": "Ipsum Lorem ipsum",
    "state": 2,
    "created_at": "2020-01-27T05:07:12.573Z",
    "updated_at": "2020-01-27T05:07:12.573Z",
    "due_date": "2020-02-01",
    "start_date": "2020-02-14",
    "web_url": ""