Rate limits on pipeline creation

Tier: Free, Premium, Ultimate Offering: Self-managed

You can set a limit so that users and processes can’t request more than a certain number of pipelines each minute. This limit can help save resources and improve stability.

For example, if you set a limit of 10, and 11 requests are sent to the trigger API within one minute, the eleventh request is blocked. Access to the endpoint is allowed again after one minute.

This limit is:

  • Applied to the number of pipelines created for the same combination of project, commit, and user.
  • Not applied per IP address.
  • Disabled by default.

Requests that exceed the limit are logged in the application_json.log file.

Set a pipeline request limit

To limit the number of pipeline requests:

  1. On the left sidebar, at the bottom, select Admin area.
  2. Select Settings > Network.
  3. Expand Pipelines Rate Limits.
  4. Under Max requests per minute, enter a value greater than 0.
  5. Select Save changes.
  6. Enable ci_enforce_throttle_pipelines_creation feature flag to enable the rate limit.