Package Signatures

Tier: Free, Premium, Ultimate Offering: Self-managed

Linux packages produced by GitLab are created using Omnibus, for which GitLab has added DEB signing using debsigs in our own fork.

Combined with the existing functionality of RPM signing, this addition allows GitLab to provide signed packages for all supported distributions using DEB or RPM.

These packages are produced by the GitLab CI process, as found in the omnibus-gitlab project, prior to their delivery to to provide assurance that the packages are not altered prior to delivery to our community.

GnuPG Public Keys

All packages are signed with GnuPG, in a method appropriate for their format. The key used to sign these packages can be found on MIT PGP Public Key Server at 0x3cfcf9baf27eab47.

Verifying Signatures

Information on how to verify GitLab package signatures can be found in Package Signatures.

GPG Signature Management

Information on how GitLab manages GPG keys for package signing can be found in the runbooks.