Package information

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The Linux package is bundled with all dependencies required for GitLab to function correctly. More details can be found at bundling dependencies document.

Package Version

The released package versions are in the format MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-EDITION.OMNIBUS_RELEASE

Component Meaning Example
MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH The GitLab version this corresponds to. 13.3.0
EDITION The edition of GitLab this corresponds to. ee
OMNIBUS_RELEASE The Linux package release. Usually, this is 0. We increment this if we need to build a new package without changing the GitLab version. 0


See licensing


The Linux package requires various configuration to get the components in working order. If the configuration is not provided, the package uses the default values assumed in the package.

These defaults are noted in the package defaults document.

Checking the versions of bundled software

After the Linux package is installed, you can find the version of GitLab and all bundled libraries in /opt/gitlab/version-manifest.txt.

If you don’t have the package installed, you can always check the Linux package source repository, specifically the configuration directory.

For example, if you examine the 8-6-stable branch, you can conclude that 8.6 packages were running Ruby 2.1.8. Or, that 8.5 packages were bundled with NGINX 1.9.0.

Signatures of GitLab, Inc. provided packages

Documentation on package signatures can be found at Signed Packages

Checking for newer configuration options on upgrade

The /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb configuration file is created when the Linux package is initially installed. To avoid accidental overwrites of user configuration, the /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb configuration file is not updated with new configuration when the Linux package installation is upgraded.

New configuration options are noted in the gitlab.rb.template file.

The Linux package also provides a convenience command which compares the existing user configuration with the latest version of the template contained in the package.

To view a diff between your configuration file and the latest version, run:

sudo gitlab-ctl diff-config
If you are pasting the output of this command into your /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb configuration file, omit any leading + and - characters on each line.

Init system detection

The Linux package attempts to query the underlying system to check which init system it uses. This manifests itself as a WARNING during the sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure run.

Depending on the init system, this WARNING can be one of:

/sbin/init: unrecognized option '--version'

when the underlying init system is not upstart.

  -.mount loaded active mounted   /

when the underlying init system IS systemd.

These warnings can be safely ignored. They are not suppressed because this allows everyone to debug possible detection issues faster.