Workspace will be above the top-level namespaces for you to manage everything you can do as a GitLab administrator, including:

  • Defining and applying settings to all of your groups, subgroups, and projects.
  • Aggregating data from all your groups, subgroups, and projects.

The functionality in the Admin Area of self-managed installations will be split up and go to:

  1. Groups (available in the Workspace, Top-level group namespaces, and Sub-groups)
  2. Hardware Controls (for functionality that does not apply to groups)

Our goal is to reach feature parity between SaaS and Self-Managed installations, with all Admin Area settings moving to either:

  • Workspace (contains features relevant to both GitLab-managed and self-managed installations) with a dedicated Settings menu available within the left navigation bar.
  • Hardware controls (only contains features relative to Self-Managed installations, with one per installation).
Workspace is currently in development.

Concept previews

The following provide a preview to the Workspace concept.

Workspace Overview

Groups Overview

Admin Overview

Admin Overview

Admin Overview