Detected secrets

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This table lists the secrets detected by pipeline secret detection.

Description ID Keywords
AWS Access Token AWS AKIA
Adobe Client ID (Oauth Web) Adobe Client ID (Oauth Web) adobe
Adobe Client Secret Adobe Client Secret adobe, p8e-
Age secret key Age secret key AGE-SECRET-KEY-1
Alibaba AccessKey ID Alibaba AccessKey ID LTAI
Alibaba Secret Key Alibaba Secret Key alibaba
Asana Client ID Asana Client ID asana
Asana Client Secret Asana Client Secret asana
Atlassian API token Atlassian API token atlassian
Beamer API token Beamer API token beamer
Bitbucket client ID Bitbucket client ID bitbucket
Bitbucket client secret Bitbucket client secret bitbucket
CircleCI access tokens CircleCI access tokens CircleCI
Clojars API token Clojars API token CLOJARS_
Contentful delivery API token Contentful delivery API token contentful
Contentful preview API token Contentful preview API token contentful
Databricks API token Databricks API token dapi, databricks
DigitalOcean OAuth Access Token digitalocean-access-token doo_v1_
DigitalOcean OAuth Refresh Token digitalocean-refresh-token dor_v1_
DigitalOcean Personal Access Token digitalocean-pat dop_v1_
Discord API key Discord API key discord
Discord client ID Discord client ID discord
Discord client secret Discord client secret discord
Doppler API token Doppler API token doppler
Dropbox API secret/key Dropbox API secret/key dropbox
Dropbox long lived API token Dropbox long lived API token dropbox
Dropbox short lived API token Dropbox short lived API token dropbox
Duffel API token Duffel API token duffel
Dynatrace API token Dynatrace API token dt0c01
EasyPost API token EasyPost API token EZAK
EasyPost test API token EasyPost test API token EZTK
Facebook token Facebook token facebook
Fastly API token Fastly API token fastly
Finicity API token Finicity API token finicity
Finicity client secret Finicity client secret finicity
Flutterwave encrypted key Flutterwave encrypted key FLWSECK_TEST
Flutterwave public key Flutterwave public key FLWPUBK_TEST
Flutterwave secret key Flutterwave secret key FLWSECK_TEST API token API token fio-u-
GCP API keys can be misused to gain API quota from billed projects GCP API key AIza
GCP OAuth client secrets can be misused to spoof your application GCP OAuth client secret GOCSPX-
GitLab Agent for Kubernetes token gitlab_kubernetes_agent_token glagent
GitLab CI Build (Job) token gitlab_ci_build_token glcbt
GitLab Deploy Token gitlab_deploy_token gldt
GitLab Feed Token gitlab_feed_token feed_token
GitLab Feed token gitlab_feed_token_v2 glft
GitLab Incoming email token gitlab_incoming_email_token glimt
GitLab OAuth Application Secrets gitlab_oauth_app_secret gloas
GitLab Personal Access Token gitlab_personal_access_token glpat
GitLab Pipeline Trigger Token gitlab_pipeline_trigger_token glptt
GitLab Runner Authentication Token gitlab_runner_auth_token glrt
GitLab Runner Registration Token gitlab_runner_registration_token GR1348941
GitLab SCIM token gitlab_scim_oauth_token glsoat
GitHub App Token GitHub App Token ghu_, ghs_
GitHub OAuth Access Token GitHub OAuth Access Token gho_
GitHub Personal Access Token GitHub Personal Access Token ghp_
GitHub Refresh Token GitHub Refresh Token ghr_
GoCardless API token GoCardless API token gocardless
Google (GCP) Service-account Google (GCP) Service-account service_account
Grafana API token Grafana API token grafana
Hashicorp Terraform user/org API token Hashicorp Terraform user/org API token atlasv1, hashicorp, terraform
Hashicorp Vault batch token Hashicorp Vault batch token hashicorp, AAAAAQ, vault
Heroku API Key Heroku API Key heroku
Hubspot API token Hubspot API token hubspot
Instagram access token Instagram access token IG
Intercom API token Intercom API token intercom
Intercom client secret/ID Intercom client secret/ID intercom
Ionic API token Ionic API token ion_
Linear API token Linear API token lin_api_
Linear client secret/ID Linear client secret/ID linear
Linkedin Client ID Linkedin Client ID linkedin
Linkedin Client secret Linkedin Client secret linkedin
Lob API Key Lob API Key lob
Lob Publishable API Key Lob Publishable API Key lob
Mailchimp API key Mailchimp API key mailchimp
Mailgun private API token Mailgun private API token mailgun
Mailgun public validation key Mailgun public validation key mailgun
Mailgun webhook signing key Mailgun webhook signing key mailgun
Mapbox API token Mapbox API token mapbox
MessageBird API client ID MessageBird API client ID messagebird
MessageBird API token messagebird-api-token messagebird
Meta access token Meta access token EA
New Relic ingest browser API token New Relic ingest browser API token NRJS
New Relic user API ID New Relic user API ID newrelic
New Relic user API Key New Relic user API Key NRAK
npm access token npm access token npm_
Oculus access token Oculus access token OC
Open AI API key open ai token sk-
PGP private key PGP private key —–BEGIN PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK—–
PKCS8 private key PKCS8 private key —–BEGIN PRIVATE KEY—–
Password in URL Password in URL Not applicable
Planetscale API token Planetscale API token pscale_tkn_
Planetscale password Planetscale password pscale_pw_
Postman API token Postman API token PMAK-
Pulumi API token Pulumi API token pul-
PyPI upload token PyPI upload token pypi-AgEIcHlwaS5vcmc
RSA private key RSA private key —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—–
Rubygem API token Rubygem API token rubygems_
SSH (DSA) private key SSH (DSA) private key —–BEGIN DSA PRIVATE KEY—–
SSH (EC) private key SSH (EC) private key —–BEGIN EC PRIVATE KEY—–
SSH private key SSH private key —–BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY—–
Segment Public API token Segment Public API token sgp_
Sendgrid API token Sendgrid API token sendgrid
Sendinblue API token Sendinblue API token xkeysib-
Sendinblue SMTP token Sendinblue SMTP token xsmtpsib-
Shippo API token Shippo API token shippo_
Shopify access token Shopify access token shpat_
Shopify custom app access token Shopify custom app access token shpca_
Shopify private app access token Shopify private app access token shppa_
Shopify shared secret Shopify shared secret shpss_
Slack Webhook Slack Webhook
Slack token Slack token xoxb, xoxa, xoxp, xoxr, xoxs
Stripe Stripe sk_test, pk_test, sk_live, pk_live
systemd machine-id systemd-machine-id Not applicable
Tailscale keys Tailscale key tskey-
Twilio API Key Twilio API Key SK, twilio
Twitch API token Twitch API token twitch
Twitter token Twitter token twitter
Typeform API token Typeform API token typeform
Yandex.Cloud AWS API compatible Access Secret Yandex.Cloud AWS API compatible Access Secret yandex
Yandex.Cloud IAM API key v1 Yandex.Cloud IAM Cookie v1 - 3 yandex
Yandex.Cloud IAM Cookie v1 Yandex.Cloud IAM Cookie v1 - 1 yandex
Yandex.Cloud IAM Token v1 Yandex.Cloud IAM Cookie v1 - 2 yandex