Available CI/CD variables

CI/CD variable Description
SECURE_ANALYZERS_PREFIX Specify the Docker registry base address from which to download the analyzer.
FUZZAPI_VERSION Specify API Fuzzing container version. Defaults to 3.
FUZZAPI_IMAGE_SUFFIX Specify a container image suffix. Defaults to none.
FUZZAPI_API_PORT Specify the communication port number used by API Fuzzing engine. Defaults to 5500. Introduced in GitLab 15.5.
FUZZAPI_TARGET_URL Base URL of API testing target.
FUZZAPI_TARGET_CHECK_SKIP Disable waiting for target to become available. Introduced in GitLab 17.1.
FUZZAPI_TARGET_CHECK_STATUS_CODE Provide the expected status code for target availability check. If not provided, any non-500 status code is acceptable. Introduced in GitLab 17.1.
FUZZAPI_PROFILE Configuration profile to use during testing. Defaults to Quick-10.
FUZZAPI_EXCLUDE_PATHS Exclude API URL paths from testing.
FUZZAPI_EXCLUDE_URLS Exclude API URL from testing.
FUZZAPI_EXCLUDE_PARAMETER_ENV JSON string containing excluded parameters.
FUZZAPI_EXCLUDE_PARAMETER_FILE Path to a JSON file containing excluded parameters.
FUZZAPI_OPENAPI OpenAPI Specification file or URL.
FUZZAPI_OPENAPI_RELAXED_VALIDATION Relax document validation. Default is disabled.
FUZZAPI_OPENAPI_ALL_MEDIA_TYPES Use all supported media types instead of one when generating requests. Causes test duration to be longer. Default is disabled.
FUZZAPI_OPENAPI_MEDIA_TYPES Colon (:) separated media types accepted for testing. Default is disabled.
FUZZAPI_HAR HTTP Archive (HAR) file.
FUZZAPI_GRAPHQL Path to GraphQL endpoint, for example /api/graphql. Introduced in GitLab 15.4.
FUZZAPI_GRAPHQL_SCHEMA A URL or filename for a GraphQL schema in JSON format. Introduced in GitLab 15.4.
FUZZAPI_POSTMAN_COLLECTION_VARIABLES Path to a JSON file to extract Postman variable values. The support for comma-separated (,) files was introduced in GitLab 15.1.
FUZZAPI_OVERRIDES_FILE Path to a JSON file containing overrides.
FUZZAPI_OVERRIDES_ENV JSON string containing headers to override.
FUZZAPI_OVERRIDES_CMD Overrides command.
FUZZAPI_OVERRIDES_CMD_VERBOSE When set to any value. It shows overrides command output as part of the job output.
FUZZAPI_PRE_SCRIPT Run user command or script before scan session starts. sudo must be used for privileged operations like installing packages.
FUZZAPI_POST_SCRIPT Run user command or script after scan session has finished. sudo must be used for privileged operations like installing packages.
FUZZAPI_OVERRIDES_INTERVAL How often to run overrides command in seconds. Defaults to 0 (once).
FUZZAPI_HTTP_USERNAME Username for HTTP authentication.
FUZZAPI_HTTP_PASSWORD Password for HTTP authentication.
FUZZAPI_HTTP_PASSWORD_BASE64 Password for HTTP authentication, Base64-encoded. Introduced in GitLab 15.4.