Secure your installation

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General Information

This section covers some general information and recommendations regarding the platform.


The Hardening Guide contains additional general recommendations that can be implemented for hardening an install.

Antivirus software

Generally, running an antivirus software on the GitLab host is not recommended.

However, if you must use one, all of the location of GitLab on the system should be excluded from scanning as it could be quarantined as a false positive.

Specifically, you should exclude the following GitLab directories from scanning:

  • /var/opt/gitlab
  • /etc/gitlab/
  • /var/log/gitlab/
  • /opt/gitlab/

You can find all those directories listed in the Linux package configuration documentation.

User Accounts

Data Access

Platform Usage & Settings


Self-managed GitLab customers and administrators are responsible for the security of their underlying hosts, and for keeping GitLab itself up to date. It is important to regularly patch GitLab, patch your operating system and its software, and harden your hosts in accordance with vendor guidance.