Markdown API

Convert Markdown content to HTML.

Available only in APIv4.

Required authentication

Introduced in GitLab 15.3 with a flag named authenticate_markdown_api. Enabled by default.

On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is enabled and authentication is required. To remove the requirement to authenticate, an administrator can disable the feature flag named authenticate_markdown_api. On, this feature is available.

All API calls to the Markdown API must be authenticated.

Render an arbitrary Markdown document

POST /markdown
textstringyesThe Markdown text to render
gfmbooleannoRender text using GitLab Flavored Markdown. Default is false
projectstringnoUse project as a context when creating references using GitLab Flavored Markdown
curl --request POST --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" \
  --header "Content-Type:application/json" \
  --data '{"text":"Hello world! :tada:", "gfm":true, "project":"group_example/project_example"}' ""

Response example:

{ "html": "<p dir=\"auto\">Hello world! <gl-emoji title=\"party popper\" data-name=\"tada\" data-unicode-version=\"6.0\">🎉</gl-emoji></p>" }