Avatar API

Introduced in GitLab 11.0.

Get a single avatar URL

Get a single avatar URL for a user with the given email address.


  • No user with the given public email address is found, results from external avatar services are returned.
  • Public visibility is restricted, response is 403 Forbidden when unauthenticated.
This endpoint can be accessed without authentication.
GET /avatar?email=admin@example.com


emailstringyesPublic email address of the user.
sizeintegernoSingle pixel dimension (because images are squares). Only used for avatar lookups at Gravatar or at the configured Libravatar server.

Example request:

curl "https://gitlab.example.com/api/v4/avatar?email=admin@example.com&size=32"

Example response:

  "avatar_url": "https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/e64c7d89f26bd1972efa854d13d7dd61?s=64&d=identicon"