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Disaster recovery for planned failover

Disaster recovery for planned failover

A planned failover is similar to a disaster recovery scenario, except you are able to notify users of the maintenance window, and allow data to finish replicating to secondaries.

Please read this entire document as well as Disaster Recovery before proceeding.

Notify users of scheduled maintenance

On the primary, navigate to Admin Area > Messages, add a broadcast message. You can check under Admin Area > Geo Nodes to estimate how long it will take to finish syncing. An example message would be:

A scheduled maintenance will take place at XX:XX UTC. We expect it to take less than 1 hour.

On the secondary, you may need to clear the cache for the broadcast message to show up.

Block primary traffic

At the scheduled time, using your cloud provider or your node's firewall, block HTTP and SSH traffic to/from the primary except for your IP and the secondary's IP.

Allow replication to finish as much as possible

  1. On the secondary, navigate to Admin Area > Geo Nodes and wait until all replication progress is 100% on the secondary "Current node".
  2. Navigate to Admin Area > Monitoring > Background Jobs > Queues and wait until the "geo" queues drop ideally to 0.

Promote the secondary

Finally, follow the Disaster Recovery docs to promote the secondary to a primary.

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