Tutorial: Export dependency list in SBOM format

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Dependency Scanning output can be exported to the CycloneDX JSON format.

This tutorial shows you how to generate a CycloneDX JSON SBOM for a pipeline, and then to upload it as a CI job artifact.

Before you begin

Set up Dependency Scanning. For detailed instructions, follow the Dependency Scanning tutorial.

Create configuration files

  1. Create a private access token with api scope and the Developer role.
  2. Add the token value as a CI/CD variable named PRIVATE_TOKEN.
  3. Create a snippet with the following code.

    Filename: export.sh

    #! /bin/sh
    function create_export {
      curl --silent \
      --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $PRIVATE_TOKEN" \
      -X 'POST' --data "export_type=sbom" \
      "https://gitlab.com/api/v4/pipelines/$CI_PIPELINE_ID/dependency_list_exports" \
      | jq '.id'
    function check_status {
      curl --silent \
        --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $PRIVATE_TOKEN" \
        --write-out "%{http_code}" --output /dev/null \
    function download {
      curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $PRIVATE_TOKEN" \
        --output "gl-sbom-merged-$CI_PIPELINE_ID.cdx.json" \
    function export_sbom {
      local ID=$(create_export)
      for run in $(seq 0 3); do
        local STATUS=$(check_status $ID)
        # Status is 200 when JSON is generated.
        # Status is 202 when generate JSON job is running.
        if [ $STATUS -eq "200" ]; then
          download $ID
          exit 0
        elif [ $STATUS -ne "202" ]; then
          exit 1
        echo "Waiting for JSON to be generated"
        sleep 5
      exit 1

    The above script works in the following steps:

    1. Create a CycloneDX SBOM export for the current pipeline.
    2. Check the status of that export, and stop when it’s ready.
    3. Download the CycloneDX SBOM file.
  4. Update .gitlab-ci.yml with the following code.

        - apk add --update jq curl
      stage: .post
        - |
          curl --header "Authorization: Bearer $PRIVATE_TOKEN"
          --output export.sh --url "https://gitlab.com/api/v4/snippets/<SNIPPET_ID>/raw"
        - /bin/sh export.sh
          - "gl-sbom-merged-*.cdx.json"
  5. Go to Build > Pipelines and confirm that the latest pipeline completed successfully.

In the job artifacts, gl-sbom-merged-<pipeline_id>.cdx.json file should be present.