GitLab 11 specific changes

Upgrade prerequisites

For successfully upgrading to GitLab 11.0, users need to satisfy following requirements 1. Users should be running latest version in the 10.x series. At the time of writing this documentation, it is GitLab 10.8.5. 2. The configurations that were deprecated (list below) in the 10.x series have been now removed. Users needs to remove them from /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb. Then run gitlab-ctl reconfigure to apply the configuration changes.

If either of the above requirements are not satisfied, upgrade process will abort without making changes to user’s existing installation. This is to ensure that users does not end up with a broken Gitlab due to these unsupported configurations.

Removed configurations

The following configurations were deprecated in the 10.x series and have now been removed. 1. Mattermost related configurations - Support for most of the Mattermost related configuration have been removed, except for the essential ones that are needed for GitLab-Mattermost integration. Check out the official documentation for details 2. Legacy git_data_dir configuration, which was used to set location of where data was to be stored. It has been now replaced with git_data_dirs configuration. Check out the official documentation for details 3. Old format of git_data_dirs configuration has been replaced with a new format, allowing much more fine grain control. Check out the official documentation for details

Changes introduced in minor versions


  1. Version of bundled Redis has been upgraded to 3.2.12. This is a critical security update that fixes multiple vulnerabilities. After upgrading to 11.4, run gitlab-ctl restart redis to ensure the new version is loaded.

  2. The bundled version of Prometheus has been upgraded to 2.4.2 and fresh installations will use it by default. Version 2 of Prometheus uses a data format incompatible with version 1.

    For users looking for preserving the Prometheus version 1 data, a command line tool is provided to upgrade their Prometheus service and migrate data to the format supported by new Prometheus version. This tool can be invoked using the following command:

    sudo gitlab-ctl prometheus-upgrade

    This tool will convert existing data to a format supported by the latest Prometheus version. Depending on the volume of data, this process can take hours. If users do not want to migrate the data, but start with a clean database, they can pass --skip-data-migration flag to the above command.

    Note: Prometheus service will be stopped during the migration process.

    To know about other supported options, pass --help flag to the above command.

    This tool will not be automatically invoked during package upgrades. Users will have to run it manually to migrate to latest version of Prometheus, and are advised to do it as soon as possible. Therefore, existing users who are upgrading to 11.4 will continue to use Prometheus 1.x until they manually migrate to the 2.x version.

    Support for Prometheus 1.x versions that were shipped with earlier versions of GitLab has been deprecated and will be removed completely in GitLab 12.0. Users still using those versions will be presented with a deprecation warning during reconfigure. With GitLab 12.0 Prometheus will be upgraded to 2.x automatically, Prometheus 1.0 data will not be migrated.