Free user limit

From October 19, 2022, a five-user limit will apply to top-level namespaces with private visibility on GitLab SaaS. These limits will roll out gradually, and impacted users will be notified in at least 60 days before the limit is applied.

When the five-user limit is applied, top-level private namespaces exceeding the user limit are placed in a read-only state. These namespaces cannot write new data to repositories, Git Large File Storage (LFS), packages, or registries.

Manage members in your namespace

To help manage your free user limit, you can view and manage the total number of members across all projects and groups in your namespace.


  • You must have the Owner role for the group.
  1. On the top bar, select Main menu > Groups > View all groups and find your group.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Settings > Usage Quotas.
  3. To view all members, select the Seats tab.
  4. To remove a member, select Remove user.

If you need more time to manage your members, or to try GitLab features with a team of more than five members, you can start a trial. A trial lasts for 30 days and includes an unlimited number of members.