Choose a GitLab subscription

To choose the right GitLab subscription, select an offering and a tier.

Choose a subscription

Choose which GitLab subscription suits your needs:

  • GitLab SaaS: The GitLab software-as-a-service offering. You don’t need to install anything to use GitLab SaaS, you only need to sign up and start using GitLab straight away.
  • GitLab Dedicated: A single-tenant SaaS service for highly regulated and large enterprises.
  • GitLab self-managed: Install, administer, and maintain your own GitLab instance.

On a GitLab self-managed instance, a GitLab subscription provides the same set of features for all users. On GitLab SaaS, you can apply a subscription to a group namespace. You cannot apply a subscription to a personal namespace.

Subscriptions cannot be transferred between GitLab SaaS and GitLab self-managed. A new subscription must be purchased and applied as needed.

Choose a GitLab tier

Pricing is tier-based, allowing you to choose the features that fit your budget.

For more details, see a comparison of self-managed features available in each tier.

Find your subscription

The following chart should help you determine your subscription model. Select the list item to go to the respective help page.

%%{init: { "fontFamily": "GitLab Sans" }}%% graph TD accTitle: My subscription accDescr: Determine your subscription model and see its help page A(Is your user account on A --> B(Yes) A --> C(No) B --> D(fa:fa-link View your subscription on C --> E(fa:fa-link View your self-hosted subscription) click D "./gitlab_com/index.html#view-your-gitlabcom-subscription" click E "./self_managed/index.html#view-your-subscription"

Contact Support

We also encourage all users to search our project trackers for known issues and existing feature requests in the GitLab project.

These issues are the best avenue for getting updates on specific product plans and for communicating directly with the relevant GitLab team members.