Contribute code with the Web IDE

The GitLab Web IDE is a built-in advanced editor with commit staging.

The example in this section shows how to modify a line of code as part of a community contribution to GitLab code using the Web IDE.

  1. Go to the GitLab community fork.

  2. Search the GitLab code for the string Customize the color of GitLab. From the GitLab Community Fork:

    1. On the left sidebar, select Search or go to.
    2. Enter the search string "Customize the color of GitLab".
  3. Select the filename from the results. In this case, app/views/profiles/preferences/show.html.haml.

  4. Open the file in Web IDE. Select Edit > Open in Web IDE.

    • Keyboard shortcut: .
  5. Update the string from Customize the color of GitLab to Customize the color theme of the GitLab UI.

  6. Save your changes.

  7. On the left activity bar, select Source Control.

    Keyboard shortcut: Control+Shift+G.

  8. Enter your commit message:

    Update UI text
    Standardizing the text on this page so
    that each area uses consistent language.

    Follow the GitLab commit message guidelines.

  9. Select Commit to new branch from the Commit to dropdown list, and enter 1st-contrib-example.

    If your code change addresses an issue, start the branch name with the issue number.

  10. In the notification that appears in the lower right, select Create MR.

  11. Continue to Create a merge request