Scoped Maintainership

omnibus-gitlab is a comparatively complex project that handles both software builds and deployment.

The build aspect covers the build toolchain, CI infrastructure, and dependency management. The deployment aspect covers the installation and configuration of GitLab at the user site along with upgrade tasks.

Because the two aspects are very different both in nature and the technical stack involved, trainee-maintainers must spend a large amount of time to gain both sets of competencies. Scoped maintainership decreases the time required to onboard a new maintainer through separation of these core responsibilities.

Build scope

The build scope covers all the parts of the codebase that build the artifacts used to ship Omnibus GitLab.

This includes:

  1. Omnibus project configurations and component software definitions.
  2. Patches used in software definitions.
  3. Libraries and Rake tasks used for build, release, and other maintenance activities.
  4. CI configuration used for build, release, and other maintenance activities.
  5. Infrastructure management required for the above.

Ideally, a build-scoped maintainer of omnibus-gitlab should be well versed in all the above-mentioned topics. Several of these areas get infrequent updates, therefore it is not fair to expect trainee-maintainers to work on all of them. The following checklist provides a guideline to evaluate the progress of a trainee-maintainer in the build scope.

We do not differentiate between the trainee-maintainer as the author or reviewer in this list because omnibus-gitlab is a relatively stable and mature project. The majority of merge requests follow established patterns and only need to pass a set of well known tests that prove the changes work as expected.
  1. Author or review merge requests which update any 3 components from the list below that support high availability. The trainee-maintainer should gain familiarity with complex deployment scenarios and how to test them.

    1. PostgreSQL
    2. Patroni
    3. PgBouncer
    4. Consul
    5. Redis
    6. Sentinel
  2. Author or review a merge request which updates any of our “runtime” environments, preferably Ruby/Go. This ensures familiarity with the Omnibus Builder project and how it relates to omnibus-gitlab.

    1. Ruby
    2. Go
    3. Python
  3. Author or review a Mattermost version update merge request. Ensures familiarity with its update process and Distribution team’s communication process with the Mattermost team.

  4. Author or review merge requests which update 5 other components.

  5. Author or review 3 merge requests which modify CI configuration.

  6. Author or review 3 merge requests which refactor build related code.

  7. OPTIONAL: Author or review 1 merge request which modifies the omnibus project. This is an optional requirement , because updates to omnibus itself are comparatively rare. It is highly recommended that the Maintainers look through the commits we have added on top of the upstream tag.

Deploy scope


Architectural changes

Architectural changes to omnibus-gitlab project, as well as the omnibus project require sign-off from current full maintainers of the project.