GitLab Documentation

Profile preferences

A user's profile preferences page allows the user to customize various aspects of GitLab to their liking.

To navigate to your profile's preferences, click your avatar icon in the top right corner and select Settings. From there on, choose the Preferences tab.

Syntax highlighting theme

Note: GitLab uses the rouge Ruby library for syntax highlighting. For a list of supported languages visit the rouge website.

Changing this setting allows you to customize the color theme when viewing any syntax highlighted code on GitLab.

The default one is White, and you can choose among 5 different colors:


The following settings allow you to customize the behavior of GitLab's layout and default views of your dashboard and the projects' landing pages.

Layout width

GitLab can be set up to use different widths depending on your liking. Choose between the fixed (max. 1200px) and the fluid (100%) application layout.

Default dashboard

For users who have access to a large number of projects but only keep up with a select few, the amount of activity on the default Dashboard page can be overwhelming. Changing this setting allows you to redefine what your default dashboard will be.

You have 6 options here that you can use for your default dashboard view:

Default project view

The default project view settings allows you to choose what content you want to see on a project's landing page.

You can choose between 2 options: