Cluster Environments (deprecated)

Tier: Premium, Ultimate Offering:, Self-managed, GitLab Dedicated
This feature was deprecated in GitLab 14.5.
On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is not available. To make it available, an administrator can enable the feature flag named certificate_based_clusters.

Cluster environments provide a consolidated view of which CI environments are deployed to the Kubernetes cluster and it:

  • Shows the project and the relevant environment related to the deployment.
  • Displays the status of the pods for that environment.


With cluster environments, you can gain insight into:

  • Which projects are deployed to the cluster.
  • How many pods are in use for each project’s environment.
  • The CI job that was used to deploy to that environment.

Cluster environments page

Access to cluster environments is restricted to group maintainers and owners



After you have successful deployments to your group-level or instance-level cluster:

  1. Go to your group’s Kubernetes page.
  2. Select the Environments tab.

Only successful deployments to the cluster are included in this page. Non-cluster environments aren’t included.