Mixed Content


The target application was found to request resources over insecure transport protocols (HTTP). This is usually due to HTML elements which load resources using the http:// scheme instead of https://. It should be noted that most modern browsers block these requests automatically so there is limited risk.

Some parts of the application may not behave correctly since these files are not being properly loaded.


Ensure all HTML elements which load resources from a URL (JavaScript, stylesheets, images, video and other media) are set to use the https:// scheme instead of http://. Alternatively, developers may use the // scheme, which will only load resources over the same protocol that the originating page was loaded.

A browser visiting the website https://example.com with the HTML loading a file using <script src="//example.com/cdn/bundle.js"></script>, would ensure the example.com/cdn/bundle.js file was loaded over HTTPS.


ID Aggregated CWE Type Risk
319.1 true 319 Passive Info