Tutorials: Plan and track your work

Create a project to host your code, and plan your work using issues, epics, and more.

Topic Description Good for beginners
GitLab Agile Project Management Learn how to use planning features to manage your projects in this self-paced course.
Build a protected workflow for your project Set up a workflow for your teams, and enforce protections with approval rules.  
Run an agile iteration Use group, projects, and iterations to run an agile development iteration.  
Use GitLab for Kanban Use issue boards, scoped labels, and value stream analytics for Kanban.
Use GitLab for Scrum Learn to run core Scrum ceremonies and workflows in GitLab.  
Set up a project for idea management Use an issue board and scoped labels to manage ideas in a team.
Set up a project for issue triage Use labels to set up a project for issue triage.
Set up issue boards for team hand-off Use issue boards and scoped labels to set up collaboration across many teams.
Epics and issue boards Find out how to use epics and issue boards for project management.  
Portfolio Planning - Portfolio Management Find out how manage your portfolio with requirements, issues, epics, milestones, and time tracking.