Documenting experimental and beta features

Some features are not generally available and are instead considered experimental or beta.

When you document a feature in one of these three statuses:

  • Add the tier badge after the page or topic title.
  • Do not include (Experiment) or (Beta) in the left nav.
  • Ensure the history lists the feature‚Äôs status.

These features are usually behind a feature flag, which follow these documentation guidelines.

If you add details of how users should enroll, or how to contact the team with issues, the FLAG: note should be above these details.

For example:

## Great new feature

**Status:** Experiment

> - [Introduced](https://issue-link) in GitLab 15.10. This feature is an [experiment](<link_to>/policy/

On self-managed GitLab, by default this feature is not available.
To make it available, an administrator can enable the feature flag named `example_flag`.
On and GitLab Dedicated, this feature is not available. This feature is not ready for production use.

Use this new feature when you need to do this new thing.

This feature is an [experiment](<link_to>/policy/ To join
the list of users testing this feature, do this thing. If you find a bug,
[open an issue](https://link).

When the feature is ready for production, remove:

  • The text in parentheses.
  • Any language about the feature not being ready for production in the body description.
  • The feature flag information if available.

Ensure the history is up-to-date by adding a note about the production release.