Create content for drawers

In the GitLab UI, you can display help content in a drawer component. The component for Markdown is in the storybook.

The component points to a Markdown file. Any time you update the Markdown file, the contents of the drawer are updated.

Drawer content is displayed in drawers only, and not on The content is rendered in GitLab Flavored Markdown.

To create this content:

  1. In the GitLab repository, go to the /doc/drawers folder.
  2. Create a Markdown file. Use a descriptive filename. Do not create subfolders.
  3. Add the standard page metadata. Also, include:

    type: drawer
  4. Author the content.
  5. If the page includes content that is also on a page on, on the page’s metadata, include a path to the other file. For example:

    source: /doc/user/search/global_search/
  6. Work with the developer to view the content in the drawer and verify that the content appears correctly.

Drawer content guidelines

  • The headings in the file are used as headings in the drawer. The H1 heading is the drawer title.
  • Do not include any characters other than plain text in the H1.
  • The drawer component is narrow and not resizable.
    • If you include tables, the content within should be brief.
    • While no technical limitation exists on the number of characters you can use, you should preview the drawer content to ensure it renders well.
  • To link from the drawer to other content, use absolute URLs.
  • Do not include:
    • Tier badges
    • History text
    • Alert boxes
    • Images
    • SVG icons