Supported extensions and languages

Tier: Premium, Ultimate Offering:, Self-managed, GitLab Dedicated. GitLab Duo Pro required.

Code Suggestions is available in the following editor extensions and for the following languages.

Supported editor extensions

To use Code Suggestions, use one of these editor extensions:

IDE Extension
VSCode VS Code GitLab Workflow extension
GitLab WebIDE (VS Code in the Cloud) No configuration required.
Microsoft Visual Studio Visual Studio GitLab extension
JetBrains IDEs GitLab Duo Plugin for JetBrains
Neovim gitlab.vim plugin

A GitLab Language Server is used in VS Code, Visual Studio, and Neovim. The Language Server supports faster iteration across more platforms. You can also configure it to support Code Suggestions in IDEs where GitLab doesn’t provide official support.

You can express interest in other IDE extension support in this issue.

Supported languages

Code Suggestions is aware of common popular programming languages, concepts, and infrastructure-as-code interfaces, like Kubernetes Resource Model (KRM), Google Cloud CLI, and Terraform.

The following languages are supported:

Language VS Code JetBrains IDEs Visual Studio Neovim
C Yes No Yes Yes
C++ Yes Yes Yes Yes
C# Yes Yes Yes Yes
CSS No Yes Yes Yes
Go Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google SQL No Yes Yes Yes
HTML No Yes Yes Yes
Java Yes Yes Yes Yes
JavaScript Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kotlin Yes

(Requires third-party extension providing Kotlin support)
Yes Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rust Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scala Yes

(Requires third-party extension providing Scala support)
Yes Yes Yes
Shell scripts (bash only) No Yes Yes Yes
Swift Yes Yes Yes Yes
TypeScript Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terraform Yes

(Requires third-party extension providing Terraform support)
Yes No Yes

(Requires third-party extension providing the terraform file type)
Some languages are not supported in all JetBrains IDEs, or might require additional plugin support. Refer to the JetBrains documentation for specifics on your IDE.

For languages not listed in the table, Code Suggestions might not function as expected.