Build your application

Learn about CI/CD pipelines

Use CI/CD pipelines to automatically build, test, and deploy your code.

TopicDescriptionGood for beginners
Create and run your first GitLab CI/CD pipelineCreate a .gitlab-ci.yml file and start a pipeline.
Create a complex pipelineLearn about the most commonly used GitLab CI/CD keywords by building an increasingly complex pipeline. 
Get started: Learn about CI/CD (9m 02s)Learn about the .gitlab-ci.yml file and how it’s used.
GitLab CI/CDLearn about GitLab CI/CD and build a pipeline in this self-paced course.
CI deep dive (22m 51s)Take a closer look at pipelines and continuous integration concepts. 
Set up CI/CD in the cloudLearn how to set up CI/CD in different cloud-based environments. 
Find CI/CD examples and templatesUse these examples and templates to set up CI/CD for your use case. 
Understand CI/CD rules (8m 56s)Learn more about how to use CI/CD rules. 
Use Auto DevOps to deploy an applicationDeploy an application to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). 

Configure GitLab Runner

Set up runners to run jobs in a pipeline.

TopicDescriptionGood for beginners
Configure GitLab Runner to use the Google Kubernetes EngineLearn how to configure GitLab Runner to use the GKE to run jobs. 

Publish a static website

Use GitLab Pages to publish a static website directly from your project.

TopicDescriptionGood for beginners
Create a Pages website from a CI/CD templateQuickly generate a Pages website for your project using a CI/CD template for a popular Static Site Generator (SSG).
Create a Pages website from scratchCreate all the components of a Pages website from a blank project. 
Build, test, and deploy your Hugo site with GitLabGenerate your Hugo site using a CI/CD template and GitLab Pages.