Install GitLab Runner on OpenShift

Introduced in GitLab 13.3.

You can install GitLab Runner on Red Hat OpenShift v4 and later.

When you’ve completed this process, you can run your CI/CD jobs in GitLab by using the runner you’ve installed in OpenShift.


  • OpenShift 4.x cluster with administrator privileges
  • GitLab Runner registration token

Install the OpenShift Operator

First you must install the OpenShift Operator.

  1. Open the OpenShift UI and log in as a user with administrator privileges.
  2. In the left pane, click Operators, then OperatorHub.
  3. In the main pane, below All Items, search for the keyword GitLab.

    GitLab Operator

  4. To install, click the GitLab Operator.
  5. On the GitLab Operator summary page, click Install.
  6. On the Install Operator page, under Installed Namespace, select the desired namespace and click Install.

    GitLab Operator Install Page

On the Installed Operators page, when the GitLab Operator is ready, the status changes to Succeeded.

GitLab Operator Install Status

Install GitLab Runner

Now install GitLab Runner. The version you’re installing is tagged as the latest in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog container list.

  1. Obtain a token that you’ll use to register the runner:
    • For a shared runner, have an administrator go to the GitLab Admin Area and click Overview > Runners.
    • For a group runner, go to Settings > CI/CD and expand the Runners section.
    • For a project-specific runner, go to Settings > CI/CD and expand the Runners section.
  2. Under Use the following registration token during setup:, copy the token.
  3. Open an OpenShift console and switch to the project namespace:

    oc project "PROJECT NAMESPACE"
  4. Use the following command with your Runner token:

    oc create secret generic gitlab-runner-secret --from-literal runner_registration_token="xxx"
  5. Create the Custom Resource Definition (CRD) file and include the following information. The tags value must be openshift for the job to run.

    cat > gitlab-runner.yml << EOF
    kind: Runner
      name: gitlab-runner
        url: ""
      token: gitlab-runner-secret
      tags: openshift
  6. Now apply the CRD file by running the command:

    oc apply -f gitlab-runner.yml