GitLab Documentation

Development environment

1. Install dependencies and Go runtime

For Debian/Ubuntu

apt-get install -y mercurial git-core wget make
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go*-*.tar.gz

For OSX using binary package

sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go*-*.tar.gz

For OSX if you have

brew install go

For OSX using installation package

open go*-*.pkg

For FreeBSD

pkg install go-1.7.1 gmake git mercurial

2. Install Docker Engine

The Docker Engine is required to create pre-built image that is embedded into runner and loaded when using docker executor.

Make sure that on machine that is running your Docker Engine you have a binfmt_misc. This is required to be able to build ARM images that are embedded into GitLab Runner binary.

Install Docker Engine

3. Configure Go

Add to .profile or .bash_profile:

export GOPATH=$HOME/Go
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin:/usr/local/go/bin

Create new terminal session and create $GOPATH directory:

mkdir -p $GOPATH

4. Download runner sources

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/

5. Install runner dependencies

This will download and restore all dependencies required to build runner:

make deps

For FreeBSD use gmake deps

6. Run runner

Normally you would use gitlab-runner, in order to compile and run Go source use go toolchain:

make install
gitlab-ci-multi-runner run

You can run runner in debug-mode:

make install
gitlab-ci-multi-runner --debug run

7. Compile and install runner binary as gitlab-ci-multi-runner

make install

8. Congratulations!

You can start hacking GitLab-Runner code. If you are interested you can use Intellij IDEA Community Edition with go-lang-idea-plugin to edit and debug code.


executor_docker.go missing Asset symbol

This error happens due to missing executors/docker/bindata.go file that is generated from docker prebuilts. Which is especially tricky on Windows.

Try to execute: make deps docker, if it doesn't help you can do that in steps:

  1. Execute go get -u
  2. Download and save to out/docker/prebuilt-x86_64.tar.xz
  3. Download and save to out/docker/prebuilt-arm.tar.xz
  4. Execute make docker or check the Makefile how this command looks like