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Package information

The omnibus-gitlab package is bundled with all dependencies which GitLab requires in order to function correctly.


See licensing


The omnibus-gitlab package requires various configuration to get the components in working order. If the configuration is not provided, the package will use the default values assumed in the package.

These defauts are noted in the package defaults document.

Checking the versions of bundled software

Once the omnibus-gitlab package is installed, all versions of the bundled libraries are located in /opt/gitlab/version-manifest.txt.

If you don't have the package installed, you can always check the omnibus-gitlab source repository, specifically the config directory.

For example, if you take a look at the 8-6-stable branch, you can conclude that 8.6 packages were running ruby 2.1.8. Or, that 8.5 packages were bundled with nginx 1.9.0.

Init system detection

The omnibus-gitlab will attempt to query the underlaying system in order to check which init system it uses. This manifests itself as a WARNING during the sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure run.

Depending on the init system, this WARNING can be one of:

/sbin/init: unrecognized option '--version'

when the underlying init system IS NOT upstart.

  -.mount loaded active mounted   /

when the underlying init system IS systemd.

These warnings can be safely ignored. They are not suppressed because this allows everyone to debug possible detection issues faster.