Working with public_attributes.json

Chef stores a copy of a nodes attributes at the end of a reconfigure in /opt/gitlab/embedded/nodes/$NODE_NAME.json. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the attributes, it is only readable by the root user. To work around this, we’ve created a file (defaults to /var/opt/gitlab/public_attributes.json) which contains a set of attributes we’ve whitelisted for use of non-root services. This file is recreated on every run of gitlab-ctl reconfigure.

Adding an entry to public_attributes.json

The public_attributes.json file is populated by merging the results of a call to the public_attributes method of a helper class. For example:

class TestHelper < BaseHelper
  attr_accessor :node

  def public_attributes
      'gitlab' => {
        'test' => node['gitlab']['test']

The file is generated as part of the GitLabHandler.

Reading an entry from public_attributes.json from a gitlab-ctl command

In order to access the public nodes, you should use the provided GitlabCtl::Util.get_public_node_attributes method

attributes = GitlabCtl::Util.get_public_node_attributes

puts attributes['gitlab']['test']